Crucible Diaries | Bengaluru (Corporate) 2019

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Which Cuban cigar brand derives its name from the Taino word for ‘tobacco’? – Cohiba

During his exile on the island of Elba, who was designated as the island’s official ruler and “carried out a series of economic and social reforms to improve the quality of the life” before escaping? – Napoleon Bonaparte

Robertsonpet Township is considered to be one of the premier well-planned townships in India and was named after Sir Donald Robertson the British resident of the princely state of Mysore. Where will you find this township? – Kolar Gold Fields

What was describes as “The most powerful force in the universe” and “the eighth wonder of the world” by Albert Einstein? – Compound Interest

Founded in 1897, named after the Guderz tribe, they started out with soaps and then diversified into typewriters, machine tools to refrigerators and furniture. name the group. – Godrej

This ThaiBev beer is named after the Thai for ‘elephant’. Name the brand which is also the sponsor of Everton Football Clun from 2003-17. Which brand? – Chang Beer

The Busicom LE-120A, or ‘Handy-LE’, was the first truly pocket-sized example of which device? – Calculator

Which annual event beginning in 1952 was held every second year in Delhi, then moved to Trivandrum and since 2004 has shifted permanently to Goa? – International Film Festival of India

This place is known as the “cradle of Indian banking” due to the region’s bygone banking relationships with several European East India Companies during the 17, 18, and 19th centuries. Even today many leading banks of India were originally established here. Name the place or region. – Canara Region

Which theatre in Banglore was put up by two brothers in 1936 after they visited Britain and based the designs after the Piccadilly Circus London? – Plaza Theatre

The Practice of using the heart symbol as a substitute for “love” originated from the which advertisement campaign in 1970? – I Love New York

Which company traces its roots from a brainstorming session between Tim Besse and Robert Hohman? – Glassdoor

We work founders

We Work founders

Jharkhand Government

Dettol Formula

Mysore Sandal Soap

By Bajaj

John’s Distillery

Founder of Kent RO(Mahesh Gupta)


National Carrier of? – Vietnam

Founded in 1872 by Mr Charles and his uncle John. It was the first in the US to use steel rollers for processing grain. The finished product required transportation, so they assisted in funding railroad development in Minnesota. Name the agribusiness brand. – Pillsbury

In 1958, which tax expert was recruited by J D Chikani who was Tara’s legal adviser, to be appointed as the director of Tata Sons? – Nani Palkhiwala

S Govind Rao Rannore was among the first to start this in 1908. Manji Rao started one in the 30s and named it after Maharaj Shivaji. Many started later but the common identity they share is believed to have come from Maratha warriors. What are we talking about? – Military Hotels

It’s a term that was coined by Royal Society of London. And it got included among the world’s biggest problems. The term coined for the improvement of natural knowledge. Primary reasons given by the UNDP for the occurrence that happens due to the conflicts like wars or lack of opportunity, including health etc., This turns out be a big challenge for developing countries. – Brain Drain

Full form of CC Enterprises – Circus Circus

A question about the origin of the Nivea ad campaign

Stanford University is also known by the name ‘The Palm” by the locals.

A question about VG Siddhartha on the board of Mindtree.

This word was derived from the French word meaning “Shape or Face”, and also from an old Latin word which loosely translates into ‘bunch of people working together’. Which word? – Fashion

Spektacom by Anil Kumble (Logo shown)

In its original Greek form this word means ‘Folded Paper’. Name the term. – Diploma

Image result for soft bank mascot

Mascot of Softbank(Otosan)

Image result for #livemore ad

Vodafone ad

Image result for lucky goldstar

LG Chem

A question on Chelpark Pens (Logo shown)

A connect on network18 – Topper Learning, Forbes India, Better Photography

A connect on Ronnie Screwala – UpGrad, UMumba, Unilazer, Uri(movie)

A connect on John Matthai – SBI old logo, Dr. Kurien video, University of Kerala, Planning Commission.

A connect on Lockheed Martin. – Old logo, car and other pictures.

Image result for xiaomi toy truck

By Xiomi

Pall mall

Image result for google doodle

Eva Ekeblad Swedish Scientist, Who Made Vodka From Potatoes

Questions from the Bengaluru round of Tata Crucible were shared by Stehu Madhavan and Advaita Vedanta.


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