Crucible Diaries | Chennai (Corporate) 2019

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Identify the group of schools founded by here? – Padma Sheshadri Bala Bhavan

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Founder of Milky Mist

Founder of Deccan Herald

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Angel List

Which company is behind this ad? – Microsoft

Name the bev giant. – Coke

Name the football club initiated by Joan Gamper in the late 1800? – Barcelona FC

Name the scientist. – Volta

Full form of IFSC? – Indian financial system code.

Blue Stone logo

Name the fast food chain. – Burger King

A question on Huwaei

Paul and jessica gave what to the world of startups? – Y Combinator

Logo of? – CFA

Can be traced back to colonial times, and in fact, a New Zealander played a significant role in the creation of the company we know today. – Glaxo

Palo Alto – WYSIWYG – Xerox.


Dish credited to Buhari. – Chicken 65

The geographic feature was closed to christmas by traders called Karimi after Reynaud of Chatillon irked them. It was favoured for Roman trade with India starting with the reign of Augustus and was an important part of the spice trade route.

It is a sheer, lightweight, dull-finished crepe fabric named after the early 20th century French dressmaker ……….. de la Plante. – Georgette

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Tata Prima Truck

In Japan companies are built to last. The world’s oldest firm is a Japanese Builder Kongo Gumi, which dates back to 578. Over the centuries, Kongo Gumi participated in the construction of many buildings, including the 16th century Osaka Castle. What was their first project? –

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Random House

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In economy, it is the generic term for any marketable otem produced to satisfy wants or needs. Name the term which is derived from French word meaning ‘benefit or profit’. – Commodity

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FYND by Reliance

Founded by dr narotam Shah created a business model for creating money through routine economic research activity. give the respected org.

What was the term used to refer to slaves awarded to Roman soldiers for performance in battle, which now refers to a persons who is a slave to anything? – Addict

The Mandala is a centering space for the self and the soul an art therapy tool for making order out of disorder. Mandala is a sanskrit word for magic trade. where will you find this mandala designs as an Intriguing Symbol? – Sacred Games logo

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Standard Oil

A connect on BBC Mastermind

A connect on early google investors.

A connect on Audi

A connect on Bisleri

Sir William Garrow was an English barrister, politician and judge known for his indirect reform of the advocacy system, which helped usher in the adversarial court system used in most common law nations today. He introduced a particular phrase “_ _ _ _“, insisting that defendants’ accusers and their evidence be thoroughly tested in court and described it with a simple line, commonly used by corporate houses today especially when there are questions asked against their executives. – Innocent until proven guilty.

Founded by arthur and jim, famous for investing in fb and Flipkart. – Accel

1954 large nationalistic fervor swept India. British publications and other foreign publications asked to leave India. – Reader’s Digest.

This term was first used in reference to trade related jobs in 1924 in Alden. – Blue Collor.

I started my career as a clerk for a British manager in Indian railways. – Thirukkurungudi Vengaram Sundram Iyengar

Which city in the middle East shares it’s name with a variety of grapes, also a city for port of departure with India and middle East. rare middle East county with siva vishnu temples.

What is special about a file extension .wwf? – Non-Printable

Questions from the Chennai round of Tata Crucible were shared by Sreeganesh Kaninghat


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