Crucible Diaries | Pune (Corporate) 2019

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Identify the person who wanted to connect a computer to another. – Tim Berners Lee


 The company’s origins date back to 1948, when Goodearth Company was established for the distribution and service of imported tractors. – Eicher

What which resembles the confectioneries Life Savers and British Navy Sweets, were developed by Rowntree’s in 1939? – Polo

It is a Japanese food and biotechnology corporation which means  “essence of taste”. It is the trade name for the company’s original monosodium glutamate (MSG) product. Ajinomoto

It was begun as a fortress by Philip II in the 12th century to protect the city from English soldiers which were in Normandy.  In the 14th century, Charles V converted the building into a residence and in 1546, Francis I renovated the site in French Renaissance style. What tourist location in France. – Louvre

The earliest known it is generally credited to William Playfair’s Statistical Breviary of 1801, in which two such graphs are used. – Pie Chart

The symbol is a super-imposition of the semaphore signals for the letters “N” and “D”, taken to stand for “nuclear disarmament”. – Peace symbol

The India Meteorological Department is an agency of the Ministry of Earth Sciences of the Government of India. Name it’s headquarters. – Mausam Bhavan

Whose Rugby team is called Cherry Blossom? – Japan

Book on Jack Daniels


Marston was the creator of the systolic blood pressure test, which became one component of the modern polygraph. What did he create apart from this? Wonder woman


A question on the origin of the word millionaire.

Which media giant’s coat of arms? BBC


The blue and gold in the logo were chosen to represent the blue sky and gold-colored hills of California, where the Bank of America was founded. What? VISA

Whose Ad? De Beers


Which beverage company was created by the pharmacist Dr Charles? Dr pepper.

Whose initIative? – HCL


Name the huge online organization. – Khan Academy


Which company did he start? – Xerox


Dutch chemist Coenraad Johannes van Houten invented the process by treating it with alkaline salts to reduce the natural bitterness without adding sugar or milk to get the usable thing. What which is also known as Broma process? – Chocolate making process

Image result for columbia pictures model

Columbia Pictures

P C Bhattacharya was the 7th Governor of the RBI from March 1962 to 30 June 1967. What important change in terms of optimisation of size, was done during his tenure? – Change in size of Currency notes.

The first known recorded use of these terms is in 1494 work, ‘Summa de Arithmetica, Geometria, Propotioni et Proportionalita‘ (Translation: Everything that is known about arithetic, geometry, proportions and proportionality). Which two words? – Double Entry bookkeeping system

Image result for olympic steel logo

A question on Olympic Steel

Long known as Bedloe’s Island, It was renamed by an act of the US Congress in 9156. The island has been owned by the US federal government since 1801, first as a military installation and now as a national landmark. How we better know this island now? – Liberty Island

Mr. David Elliot obtained his PhD from Stanford University in 1980, then became a faculty member of the department of computer science at columbia university. In 1988 he started his own hedge fund, which employed proprietary algorithms for securities trading. How do we know the entity started by him? – D.E.Shaw

When former Apple director of strategy and marketing Trip Hawkins founded this entity in 1982, he simply called it “Amazin Software.” As the company grew, Hawkins decided he needed a name that more accurately depicted games and software development as an art form. Ho do we know this company today? – EA (Electronic Arts)

A connect on Hinduja Group – HGS, Gulf oil, and Two other Visuals.

Holiday Inn

Image result for supermac's logo

A question on Supermac’s

Image result for TIFC west ham

Thames Iron Works FC, Now known as West Ham

Related image

Xpressbees(Logo shown)

John Knowles Fitch of Fitch Ratings

Eiffage Group – Eiffel Tower


A connect on ApplesSatyanand Stokes, Leo Burnett and other visuals

Questions from the Pune round of Tata Crucible were shared by Kapinjal Chowdary.


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