Weekly Business Quiz # 476


Q1. .Society of  Indian Automobile Manufacturers (SIAM) released the numbers for August 2019 that shows decline across all categories. Which category has declined the least ?

Ans. Three-wheelers

Q2.She was the first Indian film star in a Lux ad. Name her 

Lux Leela Chitnis

Ans. Leela Chitnis

Q3.In the recently released TVC for Renault Triber which popular music director duo are seen?

Vishal-Shekhar Triber

Ans. Vishal- Shekhar

Q4.Identify this advertising veteran, who rec’d a Lifetime achievement award recently from AAAI.

Madhukar Kamath Mudra

Ans. Madhukar Kamath of Mudra BBDO

Q5.As the auto industry faces a severe slowdown the manufacturers are taking a plant shutdown for one or more days. What is the industry jargon for such a shutdown?

Ans. Block Closure

Q6.Kiran Nagarkar, the acclaimed novelist passed away last night. He worked as a copywriter in a creative hot spot ad agency of its times,.started by Kersy Katrak. Kiran used to go in kurta-pyjamas, unusual in agencies then. This agency closed in 1975. Name the agency

Ans. MCM

Q7.Under what name has Swiggy’s launched an instant pick-up and drop service for delivering packages within cities?

Ans. Swiggy Go

Q8.Which Indian company/ brand is launching IGO as an exclusive online brand for TV and other appliances this festive season?

Ans. Mirc Electronics of Onida fame

Q9. IDBI Bank the bank with the highest NPAs needs over Rs 9000 crores to meet the capital adequacy norms. LIC the current owner is funding it only partially and the balance is by Govt of India. Why LIC even though it has the money cannot fund it entirely?

Ans. LIC cannot exceed 51% stake in IDBI Bank. It had got an spl approval from IRDA for 51%

Q10.S has extended the deadline to October 1 regarding the removal of ‘unpaid shares’ from the pledging. This is expected to lead to a further sell-off in the markets. What are ‘unpaid’ shares?

Ans. These are shares in which some of the calls have not been paid.

Q11. In IT Outsourcing, .what are GICs? Expand GIC

Ans. Global Inhouse Centres


Q12.Which company owns these apparel brands globally?

PVH Brands

Ans.PVH Brands

Q13.This is a high-end apparel brand, which prides itself as being ‘Made in Canada’. It is known for its luxury jackets suitable for extreme weather. They promote expeditions to the Arctic. They even have a ‘cold room’ with -25 C in their stores. Name it

Ans. Canada Goose

Q14. What popular Twitter handle with 6 million followers is managed by David Javerbaum, an Emmy award-winning writer based in LA? This funny and cynical handle just follows one handle ‘Justin Bieber’. This handle occasionally tweets about India

Ans. @TheTweetofGod

Q15.JP Morgan has come out with an index that measures the impact of Donald Trump’s tweets to the volatility in the bond market. What is it called?

Ans. Volfefe Index, a Portmanteau of Volatility and Covfefe

Q16. In Japan, Nestle has stopped plastic wrappers for Kit Kat. What has it replaced it with?


Ans. Paper wrappers that can be made into Origami and even gifted

Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter@go_mohan


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