Guest Business Quiz – 24

1. This is a word X, that is used to describe staged performances especially in Wrestling as authentic or genuine. A recent article in Ken describes the performance of an Indian startup Y using this adjective. It portrayed the startup’s new-fangled ascendance, as one scripted by money poured in by the legendary Venture capitalist Z and one which is a reflection of his ambitions and not those of A the founder of X. ID X, Y, Z and A?

Answer: X – KayFabe, Y – Oyo, Z – Masayoshi Son, and A – Ritesh Agarwal

2. This is a Japanese Well frame commonly known as the Igeta. Which company’s logo is inspired by the Igeta Mark? It is a former Zaibatsu and commands a huge presence in Japan till now.

Answer: Sumitomo Corp  


3. Making silk purses from sows’ ears and flying a lead balloon are timeworn clichés for impossibility. This made it all the more stunning when X announced they had succeeded at both. Shown here is one of their silk purses, spun from gelatin fibers made out of pigs’ ears. It is currently hosted at the Smithsonian institution. Id this organization known for being famous in other fields. 

Answer: Arthur D Little 

4. This company counted Lord Rothschild, The British Royal Family, US Presidents including Herbert Hoover and the Beatles as its customers. Starting out as a Hardware shop in 1848 this company is best known for having created the first product catalog starting in 1881 predating Sears and has the longest continuously running catalog service in America till date for 138 years. Identify?

Answer: Hammacher Schlemmer

5. This is Frances Gerety, one of the early women working at NW Ayer and co. Under pressure to create a signature line and working late into the night, she came up with 4 iconic words in a fleeting moment of inspiration. The next morning, surrounded by her associates, she presented her signature line – a line that was initially met with hesitancy due to its unusual style. However, it was this line that would transform this industry which was promoted through these lines. Identify the line and company?

Answers: A Diamond is Forever – De Beers 

6. The Klondike Big Inch Land promotion was a marketing promotion run by the X company in 1955 and created by Bruce Baker, a Chicago advertising executive. X Bought  19.11 acres of land in the Yukon Territory of Canada for the price of $1000 USD and printed up 21 million deeds for one square inch of land. On the advice of counsel, X set up and transferred the land to the Great Klondike Big Inch Land Company to make the company the registered owner and manager of the deeds. Starting on January 1955, 93 newspapers across the US ran advertisements that read “Get a real deed to one square inch of land in the Yukon gold rush country” and, “You’ll actually own one square inch of Yukon land”. The promotion was tied to the Sergeant Preston of the Yukon radio show which X was sponsoring at the time. Which company ran this promotion which gifted actual pieces of land to the winners?

Answer: Quaker Oats

7. X  was introduced in 1966 by the Birds Eye division of General Foods, now part of Kraft Heinz. Within two years of introduction, it became the largest and most profitable product in the Birds Eye line of products. X is now the most consumed brand of whipped topping in the U.S. In one episode (Barelt Legal) of the series Y, there is an argument between two characters Stewie and Brian on the pronunciation of this brand with Stewie insisting that the H should come in front. This gave a lot of free publicity to brand X. ID X and Y? 

Answer: X – Cool Whip, Y – Family Guy

8. Id the company whose headquarter is shown in the picture. What does the odd structure which to the uninitiated may look like a large golden piece of turd signify?

Answer: Asahi || It is noted for the Asahi Flame, an enormous golden structure at the top, said to represent both the ‘burning heart of Asahi beer’ and a frothy head.

9. Relate the pictures to the city of London and provide a business connect.

Answer: These are the Gherkin and the Tulip buildings in London. The Gherkin is owned by Brazilian billionaire Joseph Saffra whose proposed new structure the Tulip was disallowed by London municipal mayor Sadiq Khan.

X. Where would you find this Coke logo? What traditional rivalry forced Coca Cola to change its logo color from the traditional red because the red color reminded one of the rival’s supporters of their opponent’s colors. It is one of the only few cases where Coke does not go with its red color.

Answer: In the Boca Juniors Stand at the Bombinera Stadium. This is due to the rivalry between Boca Juniors and River Plate. River plates traditional color is red and hence the change.

  • About the Quiz Master: Subrata Dass is a quizzer by nature and for food, he works at Novartis as a product manager #PaapipetPM

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