Weekly Business Quiz # 297

Q 1. With which retail chain has BCCL tied up to market Femina Flaunt range of ladies wear ?

Ans. Shopper’s stop

Q2. In corporate lingo who or what is a HIPPO ?

Ans. Highly Paid Person’s Opinion

Q3. With the acquisition of Van Tuyl, Berkshire now owns nine-and-a-half companies that would be listed on the Fortune 500 were they independent (______ is the half),” Warren Buffett wrote in his annual letter to shareholders this year. “That leaves 490-and-a-half fish in the sea. Our lines are out.”

Which co is Buffett referring to that Berkshire Hathaway owns half ?

Ans. Heinz

Q4.In order to simplify the process of deactivating mobile internet on phones, what has TRAI ordered the phone companies ?

Ans.simply calling or even by sending an SMS to 1925

Q5.With which lab has Google collaborated to bring obstruction free photos from mobile phones, so that reflections etc are removed ?

Ans. MIT Labs

Q6.What is the new name of GroupOn India ?

Ans. Nearbuy

Q7.Where has Xiaomi setup its manufacturing plant in India ?

Ans. Sri City in AP on the AP-TN border

Q8.Warren Buffett has made his biggest acquisition at $ 37.2 Bn recently. Name the company bought by Berkshire Hathaway .

Ans. Precision Castparts Corporation- an aerospace parts manufacturer

Q9.Identify this logo


Ans. J & K Bank

Q10. Which well known text book publishing house owns Safari Digital Education

Ans. S.Chand and Sons Publishing

_ Compiled by G.Mohan @go_mohan


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