Weekly Business Quiz # 295

Q 1. The ownership of Financial Times changed hands recently. Who sold and who bought ?

Ans. Pearson sold the stake in FT to Nikkei

Q2. Almost 75% of the Antwerp’s diamond industry is made up families from one town in Gujarat. Name the town.

Ans. Palanpur near Surat

Q3. Name the person and the company to which this executive has been appointed CEO recently


Ans. Suresh Narayanan of Nestle India

Q4. What did two researchers Charlie Miller and Chris Valasek demonstrate that has led to recall of 1.4 million Chrysler vehicles ?

Ans. Hackers demonstrated security flaws. In a terrifying demonstration to Wired reporter Andy Greenberg earlier this week, two hackers showed the ability to hack into a Jeep Cherokee from miles away, gain control of its internal network, and then tamper with its transmission, brakes, and other safety-critical features.

Q5. RBI has issued guidelines for corporates to issue Masala bonds. What are Masala bonds ?

Ans. Masala bonds are Indian rupee denominated bonds issued in offshore capital markets. These will be offered and settled in US dollars to raise Indian rupees from international investors for infrastructure development in India.

Q6. The creator of Archie comics Tom Moore passed away. In the world of Interent, what are Archie, Veronica and Jughead ?


Ans. They were the first search tools on the net.

– Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter @go_mohan


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