Weekly Business Quiz # 275

Q 1. Identify the logo/ mascot


Ans. Meerkat…a site which allows live streaming of videos via Twitter

Q 2. Which company is promoting ‘ kaamkaajsutra’ as a way to please the woman on the International women’s day ?

Ans. Godrej

Q3. Shiva is the only private uranium mine owned by an Indian. In which country is the mine ?


Ans. South Africa

Q4. Apple has been included in the Dow Jones Industrial average. Which company has it replaced ?

Ans. AT & T

Q5. Which tech company has 1/1/1 model of philanthropy ? 1% products , 1% profit and 1 % employee time for volunteering as company  Policy

Ans. Salesforce dot com

Q6. Which US retail chain started in 1969 selling jeans and music. Its early name idea was ‘Pants and discs’ ?

Ans. GAP

Q7. How do we better know ‘Refreshing Mints’ sold by Italian confectioner Ferrero in over 100 countries ?

Ans. Tic Tac

-Compiled by G.Mohan @go_mohan


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