Weekly Business Quiz # 265

Q 1. Which well known car dealer in the South is going to set up a car showroom which will have no cars on display, it will be only digital ?

Ans. TVS and Sons

Q2. What is the principle of Net Neutrality, being talked about widely after Airtel’s announcement ?

Ans. No differential charges for various Internet uses.

Q3. Which ethnic wear brand is owned by the Kolkata based Vedant fashions ?

Ans. Manyavar

Q4. With which cricketer would you associate the fashion label WROGN ?

Ans. Virat Kohli

Q5. How did the popular programming language Python get its name ?

Ans. The creator of the language Guido van Rossum was fond of the Monty Python TV series, so he chose the name Python.

Q6. If an Indian Locomotive model has WDM 3 written on it ,what do these letters and number indicate ?

Ans. W-broad gauge D-diesel motive power M-suitable for goods&services 3-3000hp. First alphabet for gauge, Second for Motive Power, Third for Use and Numeral for Horespower is the nomenclature for Indian locos.

Q7. PM Modi has a new management slogan..Avoid ABCD and adopt ROAD…what do the acronyms ABCD and ROAD mean ?

Ans. Avoid Bypass Confuse Delay ( ABCD) & Responsibility Ownership Accountability Discipline ( ROAD)

Q8. What can this machine make ?


Ans. 3D printing of pizza and burger

Q9. Identify the advertiser and also who owns the co.. ?


Ans.  Margadarshi Chits , Ramoji Group of Ramoji Rao

Q 10. Identify this Economist who made waves in 2014 with his book.


Ans.  Thomas Pikety, Capital in the 21st century

Wishing all the readers of India Business Quiz a very happy 2015.

Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter @go_mohan


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