Weekly Business Quiz # 140

Q 1 If you type http://msnbc.com  to which site you will be taken now ?

Ans. www.nbcnews.com because Microsoft has sold its stake

Q 2 Which Indian co has acquired controlling stakes in Shanti Gears ?

Ans.  Tube Investments of India Ltd

Q3. Who are the people behind the regional airline Air Mantra ?

Ans. The Singhs of Religare

Q4. How did Oxfam raise over 100,000 pounds when Roger Federer won the Wimbledon title ?

Ans.  A lottery ticket on Fedex  winning 7th Wimbldon title that was bequeathed to Oxfam

Q5. Which social media platform for sharing content started in 2004 by Kevin Rose raised 45 mn $ got sold for a mere 500000 $ ?

Ans. Digg

Q6. What is being packed and sold in tetrapaks by a veterinary college in Wayand district of Kerala hat Rs 5 per litre ?

Ans.  Cow urine as pesticide

Q7. Which bank in US was called Bank of Italy before 1930 ?

Ans. Bank of America

Q8. What is the average discount given by the aircraft cos like Boeing & Airbus to airlines ?

Ans. 40-60%

– Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter @go_mohan



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