Weekly Business Quiz # 101

Q.1. Which publication proposed the idea of Occupy Wall Street and ran a campaign ?

Ans. Adbusters from Canada
Q2. What is the name of the virtual personal assistant in iPhone4s that speaks in a woman’s voice in US and a man’s voice in UK ?

Ans. Siri

Q3. What is the two pizza rule for teams at Amazon ?

Ans. Teams should be small so that they can be fed by two pizzas

Q4. Where did the current Occupy Wall Street movement originate on May 15 this year ?

Ans. Madrid Spain

Q5. October 16 is Steve Jobs day. Who has declared it ?

Ans. California Governor Jerry Brown

Q6. Name the creator of C programming language who passed away recently ?

Ans. Dennis Ritchie

Q7. What will be the new name of the F1 team FORCE INDIA ?

Ans.Sahara force india

Subroto Roy and Vijay Mallya

Q8. What is Microsoft’s fruity response to Apple’s iPhone ?

Ans. Mango

Q9. For which product advt, the unusual hero is the Cocoa bean ?


Q10. Apple is a frugal advertiser. It does not need to. For which Apple product was the memorable ‘Think Different’ campaign ?

Ans. Macintosh in 1984

Q11. Besides Apple, Jobs was a long standing member of which company board?

Ans. Disney

Q12. Before starting Apple, for which video games co did Steve Jobs work for ?

Ans. Atari

Q13. What is the connection of Apollo hospitals to the 2G scam ?

Ans. Reddys of Apollo have a stake in Aircel. Siva-Maxis deal is part of 2G scam

Q14. Which small country in europe is stopping the euro package to go through ?

Ans.  Slovakia

Q15. What is the name of the new book from management author Jim Collins who gave Good to great ?

Ans. Great by choice

Q16. Which foreign co has acquired 26 % stake in Max Healthcare recently ?

Ans. Life Healthcare of South Africa

Q17. After 2008 all F1 cars have a 2.4 l V8 engine. Yeh engine kitna deti hai ?

Ans.  4 miles per gallon

Q18. In the TVC of FORD FIGO a direct comparison is made with which car of a competitor ?

Ans. Maruti Swift

Q19. Which B-school of Indian origin in London has been shut down for visa problems ?


Q20. Jagjit Singh besides being a singer was also a big collector of horses. Connect his two passions .

Ans. His horses were named after his albums

Q21. For which brand of cough syrup did Jagjit Singh appear with Om Puri in the TVC ?

Ans. Torex

Q22. For their work on what area of Economics have the Americans Sargent and Sims been awarded the Nobel prize in Economics ?

Ans. Macroeconomics

-Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter @go_mohan


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