Weekly Business Quiz # 100

Q1. Steve Jobs loved Beatles…But he had a long standing legal tussle with them. Why ?

Ans. On Apple’s trademark. Beatles owned Apple records

Q2. Connect Adam & Eve, Newton and Steve Jobs…

Ans.  Apple

Q3. Which is the largest financial institution in the world in terms of assets under management ?

Ans. Blackrock

Q4. A typical car tyre lasts 25,000 km , how many kms does a F1 car last ?

Ans. 200km only

Q5. In foreign trade what is “Dutch disease” ?

Ans. When one item’s export makes the foreign currency appreciate and thereby harm other exports

Q6. Which Secunderabad based company will be associated with the manufacture of the 35 $ tablet computer Aakash launched by Kapil Sibal ?

Ans. Quad

Q7. Chetan Bhagat’s commented  that Infy was a ‘Body-shop”. Where did this term originate ?

Ans. Hollywood studios. Body shops used to supply extras.

My heart is felt with deep gratitude as the Weekly Business Quiz crosses the 100 mark. Thanks to all the subscribers and readers of this blog. All the questions are derived from various news publications. I am not able to personally acknowledge each one of them. The quiz would not be there, if they were not providing the basic news. A big thanks to them.

– Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter @go_mohan





  1. Dear Mohan

    I’ve been an avid follower of your weekly quizzes. They have helped to tremendously improve my business knowledge. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Please keep up this wonderful work.

    Arun Kumar Davay


  2. Good job. Keep it up . BTW, I read that “Data wind” is the company behind $35 tablet…. Quad is a new info for me. I will check it.


  3. Dear Debasish,
    Thanks very much. It is enthusiastic readers like you, who give me the encouragement to keep doing it.
    Thanks once again.


  4. Dear Mohan,

    You have, and will continue to, make a difference. To LinkedIn and the mornings of all your connectees. Through the quiz and otherwise ..

    Regards and keep the flag flying!



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