Weekly Business Quiz # 98

Q1. For which fractional ownership private jets co has Warren Buffett appeared in an ad, as he is the largest shareholder in the co ?

Ans. Netjets

Warren Buffett

Q2. Which airline took delivery of the first Boeing 787 dreamliner ?

Ans. All Nippon Airways

Q3. Which car co has launched a harchback called Koleos in india ?

Ans. Renault

Q4. Why is the launch of IMPULSE from Hero Moto being awaited keenly by bike enthusiasts ?

 Ans. India’s first dirt bike

Q5 .Why is the first page of TOI painted yellow today ?

 Ans. An advertisement for DHL

Q6. What is unique about Club X a premium entertainment service launched by Valuable Group ?

Ans. First day first show of new releases at home

Q7. Name this luxury fashion house in Paris , famous for its bags, scarves and ties, which started in 1837 making harnesses and saddles ?

 Ans. Hermes

Q8. On HP top level changes, with which cos were the Executive Chairman Ray Lane and CEO Meg Whitman associated before HP ?

Ans. Oracle and eBay respectively

– Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter @go_mohan



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