Weekly Business Quiz # 96

Q1. Which brand of designer cellphone has a unique button for concierge services across the globe ?


Q2. For which brand of shampoo Naina Redhu has been shown falsely as interviewing Katrina Kaif creating a stir on twitter ?


Q3. Why do fast food chains have red in their logo or decor ?

 Red colour triggers hunger

Q4. How did the beleagured swedish car maker SAAB get its name ?

Svenska Aerospace AB became SAAB

Q5. How was the Yahoo CEO Carol Batz informed that she was fired by the Board ?

 By a phone call

Q6. Name this successor to Jack Welch who just completed 10 years as the head of GE.

Jeff Immelt

Q7. Name the co floated by 5 PSUs to purchase coal assets abroad .

International Coal Ventures Ltd

Q8. Which bank is in the news for losing over 2 Bn $ due to a rogue trader ?


– Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter handle @go_mohan


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