Weekly Business Quiz # 77

Q1. What is the name of the new office app from MICROSOFT in cloud competing with Google apps ?

Ans. Office 365

Q2. Which car is normally associated with the british royal family? It was used during the Will Kate wedding also.


Q3. Which new music channel has become the number 1 music channel at end of 2010 ? Clue 9xm is old now.


Q4. What is the business connection to the resignation of the US envoy to india ?

Ans.  US cos Boeing and Lockheed have lost the indian fighter deal to European cos.

Q5. What is unique about The Green Microgym in Portland, Oregon ?

Ans.  It produces electricity from the human energy spent in gym

Q6. The Wired magazine has rated BADOO as one of the fastest growing Internet site, what service is provided by BADOO ?

Ans.  Social network for sex

Q7. What business is the much advertised “Speak Asia” in ?

Ans. Online consumer survey based on MLM model

 Q8. Which newspaper is called the Maha Vishnu of Mount Road for its strong editorials ?

Ans.  The Hindu

Q9. Mitsubishi Pajero is passe. What SUV is most popular among Bollywood stars ?

Ans. Toyota Land Cruiser

Q10. Which country is the worlds largest producer and consumer of the controversial pesticide ENDOSULFAN ?

Ans. India

Q11.  Connect the brands Hakkasan , LE CIRQUE, TRADER VIC’S CARLUCCIO’S

Ans.  fine dining restaurants entering india

Q12. The last typewriter factory in the world would soon stop producing them. Name the co and brand.

Ans. Godrej Prima

Q13. On what grounds was Mallika Sherawat’s wish to buy a Rolls Royce turned down by the co?

Ans. RR has a policy ” Car will not be sold to anybody who wants to buy it”.

Q14. In 1993 when Sharad Pawar was CM he was shown a new Marathi film by its director, when Pawar asked a song to be rewind thrice. Why ?

Ans.  He saw open spaces in Mumbai

– Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter @go_mohan



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