Weekly Business Quiz # 70

Q 1. In mutual funds analysis what is SHARPE ratio ?

Ans. Return to risk ratio. Addl return for one more unit of risk

Q2. Who has acquired the italian jewellery brand BULGARI ?


Q3. In stock market lingo what type of a security is a DVR ?

Ans. A share with a differential voting rights

Q4 Why is Warren Buffett planning to spend an entire day at TaeguTec India in Bommasandra near Bengaluru ?

Ans. Berkshire Hathaway’s only investment In india

Q5. What is the meaning of the phrase ‘boilerplate” ?

Ans. Standard legal text/ fine print added to many contracts

Q6. In internet and media what is a ‘ Freemium’ model ?

Ans.  Basic service is free. Premium service is paid.

Q7. ‘Every man has his price’ is often credited to Dhirubhai.  Which philosopher first said it ?

Ans. Frederick Nietzsche

Q8. Name the movie and the studio to start video rental through Facebook .

Ans. Batman-The Dark Knight , Warner Bros

Q9. Name this pioneer of housing finance in india whose centenary is being celebrated this year. 


Q10. Which restaurant chain recently overtook McDonalds to have the largest number of outlets in the world ?

Ans. Subway

Q 11. Name the first and the only app store on the android platform focussed on Adults. Iphone says no to adult apps.

Ans. Mikandi

Q 12. Name the London based brand identity firm hired by Hero Honda to create new logo etc.this firm had worked on the Tata logo.

Ans. Wolff Olins

Q 13. Which iconic luxury car is being distributed in India by Shreyans group ? The first dealership is coming up in Delhi.

Ans. Ferrari

Q 14. Which celebrity ‘s co has been imposed a penalty of Rs 7.5 lakh for not submitting returns for last 4 years by the CLB ?

Ans.  ShahRukh Khan’s Red chillies entertainment

Q 15. Which co has launched a limited IPL edition where IPL logo is displayed on the rear and the seats ?

Ans. Volkswagen W Vento

Part II of this quiz follows soon.

– Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter handle @go_mohan


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