Weekly Business Quiz # 66

Q1. After bifocals progressives now electronic spectacles Empower will help the 40+ to see better. How does it work?

Ans.  Battery powered crystals which can be switched on for reading and put off other times.

Q2. Name this Google employee in egypt who used a nom de plume El Shaheed and created a popular FB page ‘we are all KHALED SAID’.

Ans. Wael Ghonim

Q3. Televisions are today available in 3D, Full HD, LCD , LED. Arrange them in increasing order of prices same size brand etc


Q4. The youth of Cairo armed with nothing but ________ and the power of their convictions ‘have achieved this change – El Baradei. Fill the blank.


Q5. Which car will be the first in the world to have an IPAD as a std fitment ?

Ans.  Land Rover

Q6.  Fire is sacred for parsis. Fire seems to be cursing this parsi house. After their cars caught fire now their HQ had fire killing 3. Which house ?

Ans. Tata Group HQ Bombay House caught fire recently

Q7. After mobile no. what has been made portable in India from July ’11 ?

Ans. Health insurance

Q8.  IBA and govt have launched a project to bring banking services to 73000 unbanked villages by Mar 12. What is it called ?

Ans. Swabhimaan

Q9. Kapil Sibal inaugurated the video server of NPTEL yesterday. Expand NPTEL.

Ans. National programme on tech enabled learning

Q10. C Chandramouli says “this is the most elaborate exercise in the world during peacetime’. Who and what ?

Ans.  Census commissioner on Census 2011

Q11. Advertisers paid as high as 3m $ for 30s TV spot for a match between Green bay packers and Pittsburgh Steelers. Name the event.

Ans. Superbowl

– Compiled by G.Mohan


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