Weekly Business Quiz # 52

Q1. Which chain of ethnic indian clothes was started by american John Bissell 50 years ago ?

Ans. Fabindia

Q2. Miffed at a gutka ad mimic his voice to promote gutka, how does Big B propose to protect his baritone from such abuse ?

Ans. Copyright his voice

Q3. Which businessman MP was the highest paid CEO in India for the year 09-10 ?

Ans. Naveen Jindal

Q4. Which listed co operates the Casino Royale Goa , Asia’s largest casino on a ship ?

Ans  Delta Corp

Q5. A recent issue of Outlook Money has 7 full page ads from Johnson tiles, Prism cement, RMC India and Exide. What connects them ?

Ans. Raheja group

Q6. In which indian town did 150 businessmen came together and ordered Mercedes cars worth 15 M $ ? NYT reported it.


Q7. On the Diwali eve spl Mahurat trading session is held in BSE to begin the New year. Which Samvat # began this Diwali ?

Ans.  2067

Q8. Which co runs a ‘BAT MOBILE’ service in most indian cities ? What is it ?

Ans. Exide, A mobile battery service which provides assistance to cars

Q9. In US, Seven eleven stores are popular. In India , six ten stores have been set up by REI. What do the nos.indicate ?

Ans. store timings, for e.g  6-10, opens at 6 am and closes at 10 pm

Q10. Name the film production house listed on London SE in which AR Rahman has a 3 % stake. PHOTON KATHAAS promoted by Gautam Menon

Q11. What is the name of the India cement unit in Raj to enter the North Indian market ? Coincidentally, it has a Chennai Super Kings connection.

Ans. Mahi cement

Q12. What did Rajesh Jethpuria a Bhopal businessman buy for Dhanteras paying Rs 7 lk, giving him a unique distinction ?

Ans. First ATM by an indl

Q13. Between which 2 metros are 7 new cities being planned each bigger than SG as a mega industrial corridor project of GOI ?

Ans. Delhi and mumbai

Q14. Which PSU uses the anagram of its name as a tag line ‘GROW  PRIDE’ for its FPO ?


Q15. What  is common to affluence.org, quintessentially, asmallworld.net ?

Ans. Social networking sites for the rich only

This quiz marks the culmination of one year of weekly quiz postings. Expect some changes in the future quizzes. Thanks to readers for visiting this page. Special thanks to the subscribers. If you have any interesting questions to share please mail them to go_mohan at yahoo dot com.

–  Compiled by G.Mohan



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