Weekly Business Quiz #47

Q1. Indian railways is a sponsor to CWG. Their new ad carries an old classic ‘RAILGADI’. Name the singer and film.

Ans.  Ashok Kumar &Aashirwad

Q2. Which brand of sports wear is seen as a curse because of poor run of Tiger Woods, Ronaldo, Rooney etc ?

Ans. Nike

Q3. How did the car stereo brand BLAUPUNKT get its name ?

Ans. It means blue dot in german. Early products had blue dot after quality checks

Q4. With whom did the ordnance factory collaborate to build the SHAKTIMAN trucks ? Clue it is in the name itself

Ans. MAN GmbH Germany

Q5. Which bank will have 3000 graduate engineers and 200 post graduate engineers joining as clerks ?

Ans. SBI

Q6. There are over 62000 ATMs in India today. Which bank set up the first ATM in india in 1987 ?

Ans.  HSBC

Q7. Which brand has announced a contest for suggesting new ideas for increasing family time ?

Ans. Kurkure

Q8. In the ongoing ‘JOY of GIVING’ week how are Salman, Akshay Kumar, Amitabh Bachchan etc raising money to give ?

Ans. Auction a lunch date

Q9. What is the new start up from Sabeer Bhatia which claims will do to Office apps what Hotmail did to email?


Q10. In line with the Buffett Gates pledge which indian billionaire has announced 10% of his wealth to charity ?


Q11. With which hospital chain has Aircel tied up to provide a mobile health service? It provides instant consultation for Rs 45.

Ans. Apollo

Q12. With which co was Venkatesh Mysore the new chief executive of IPL team KKR associated with before ?

Ans. India country head for METLIFE

Q13. Which project of national imp is being launched today by PM and Sonia from Tehsil Sahada, Dist Nandurbar, Maharashtra ?

Ans. UID Aadhar

Q14. Which co has launched PLAYBOOK a tablet comp in direct competition to Apple’s iPad?

Ans. RIM of blackberry fame

Q15. Which co will be the first to issue infra bonds eligible for Sec 80CCF relief ?



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