Weekly Business Quiz # 27

Q1.What is crowdsourcing ? Who coined it ?

Ans.Sourcing not from a person or firm but openly from public or crowd by instituting rewards. Jeff Howe of Wired. Innocentive is one platform

Q2. Passengers may have died in New Delhi station stampede, but which luggage will ‘ Survive Mumbai. Survive the world’?

Ans. American Tourister

Q3. Suketu Mehta labelled Mumbai as ‘Maximum city.’ A new book on Delhi has labelled it ‘___ city’ ?

Ans. Trickster city

Q4. In the book by the same name which country is called the ‘Start-up nation’?

Ans.  Israel

Q5. Mahindra has an export model offroader SUV which will have an India launch soon. Name it. Clue:- Great Indian desert

Ans. Mahindra THAR

Q6. What Sonata is to Titan in watches, this brand is to Tanishq in jewellery. Name this value brand.

Ans. GoldPlus

Q7. With which fashion brand would you associate the tag line ‘Be stupid’ ?

Ans. Diesel

Q8. After colour range, durability, washability lead free as USP now Nerolac is promoting a new USP in paints. What is it?

Ans. No smell

Q9. What innovative means has Bill Clinton adopted to pay off Hillary’s debts?

Ans. A 5 $ lottery ticket. Winner will spend a Day with Bill

Q10. Name the Indian retailer whose private labels are Feasters, Jaan, Kitchen’s promise and Enriche.

Ans. MORE. The Aditya Birla Grp venture


Title sponsors of F1 Grandprix at Australia, Bahrain, Singapore and Malaysia respectively

Q12. Which Indian sportsman has been signed by Tag Heuer as their brand ambassador ?

Ans. Karun Chandhok

Q13. Notion ink a Hyd based start up is making waves in gadget circles for ADAM. What is Adam ?

Ans. Tablet computer

Q14.Stanchart had a 30% stake in a PSU bank before its nationalisation. Name it.

Ans.  Allahabad Bank

Q15. For its logo RBI chose East India cos’ Double Mohur a sketch of lion and palm tree but made one major change. What?

Ans. Replaced lion by tiger

Q16. Which database co has been acquired by SAP for US 5.8 bn $?

Ans. Sybase

Q17. Ale, lager, bitter, stouts, pilsner are some of the 180 ways of doing what ?

Ans. Brewing beer

Q18. Which media group has acquired the MID-DAY newspapers business from Ansaris ?

Ans. Jagran prakashan


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