Weekly Business Quiz # 26

Q1. In ‘Economist’ lingo what is ‘Beijing consensus’ ?

Ans. Chinese model of economic development

Q2. Name the animal rights activist who now wants to replace leather shoes with canvas shoes in school uniforms.

Ans.Maneka Gandhi, who else !

Q3. LCD TVs are in. VCRs are out. Mobile phones in. Typewriters out. Mineral water is in Barley is out. Even GOI has recognised. How?

Ans. New WPI

Q4. JTT a Japanese manufacturer has brought out the world’s smallest digital camera. Name it. Clue-photo or image in Bengali.


Q5. Name the tea company co-founded by Dwarkanath Tagore in 1839 and was India’s 1st joint stock co. It exists even today.

Ans. The Assam company

Q6. As Tories take charge in UK, an Indian CEO/columnist has Published a book titled ‘ Notes from an Indian conservative’. Name him.

Ans.  Jerry Rao

Q7. A well known Indian coffee house chain is also the world’s third largest coffee vending machine manufacturer. Name it.

Ans. Cafe coffee day

Q8. Why is Desai Bros. Ltd promoting Mother’s day ?

Ans. MOTHER’S RECIPE pickles and papads

q9. There are 3 major rating agencies in the US. Often called Big 3. S & P and Moody’s are two, name the third.

Ans. Fitch

Q10. What is special about a pillow branded ‘Sound asleep’ targetted at school students ?

Ans. It has small speakers that replay lessons while asleep

Q11. What will be the new name of TATA TEA ltd. ?

Ans. Tata global beverages ltd.

Q12. ICICI Bank logo of a stylish ‘i’ inside two elliptical brown circles is called ?

Ans. I-man

Q13. What was the amount given by J N Tata in 1909 to set up Indian institute of science? Clue it is eqvt. to 7000 cr today.

Ans.  Rs 60 lakhs

Q14. What upcoming Hindu festival on May 16th has a lot of significance for the bullion market ?

Ans. Akshaya Tritiya

Q15. Why are electric cars being fitted with ” Star Wars” noise ?

Ans. Electric cars being silent cause accidents. So some noise to alert the pedestrians. “Star Wars” noise is just a popular option.

Q16. Nitin Nohria the newly appointed dean of HBS is son of Mr K.KNohria. Nohria Sr. was the chairman of an Indian Engg co. Which one ?

Ans. Crompton Greaves

Q17. Name the largest Caribbean airline, often called jokingly as “luggage in another town” for its goofups.

Ans. LIAT airline

Q18. The oil-spill from BP’s oil rig is slated to be bigger than the one from Exxon’s tanker. Name the infamous tanker.

Ans. Exxon Valdez

Q19. As Anand plays his title defence with Topalov , logo of which company he wears on his sleeve. ?


Q20. On pharma mergers. Hoechst a well-known co. till the ’80s got acquired. Where is Hoechst today. ?

Ans. It is part of Sanofi-Aventis

– G.Mohan

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