Weekly Business Quiz # 3

Q 1. On behalf of IIMs which agency is conducting the CAT online exams this year?


Q 2. Why was the satellite phone IRIDIUM named so ?

Ans . The  original design had 77 satellites. Iridium is the 77th element in the periodic table.

Q 4. Which philosopher once said ‘ madness is rare in individuals, but in groups…it is the rule.’?

Ans. Friedrich Nietzche 

Q 5. Which company acquired the DALDA brand from Hind Lever in 2004 ?


 Q 6. Which are the two companies behind the mobile service brand UNINOR ?

Ans. Unitech and Telenor

Q 7.Name the real estate arm of Dubai World which is the reason behind Dubai’s sovereign default scare.


Q 8. In Mumbai, which was built first TAJ MAHAL HOTEL or GATEWAY of INDIA?


Q 9. Connect Accenture, Buick and Nike

Ans. Tiger Woods endorses all these brands.

Q 10. Which will be the first mutual fund to be traded on the newly launched NSE mutual fund trading platform ?

Ans. UTI Mutual Fund



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