Weekly Business Quiz # 2

Q 1. This govt owned network has 170 Million account holders and 154,000 branches in India. Name it.

 Q 2. Which Hollywood superstar owns Plan B Entertainment ?

Ans. Brad Pitt

  Q 3. What is common to ANDROID. CHROME. BLOGGER and YOUTUBE ?

Ans . All are GOOGLE brands

 Q4 .What is IMEI of a GSM phone? How to check it.

Ans . International Mobile equipment identity– a 15 digit unique number for each handset. By dialling *#06#

Q 5. Name this internet phone co acquired by EBAY and now sold for 2 bn$.


Q 6. This info comes in USB drive costs 70000 dollars and 8 weeks . It is the new rage among rich. What?

Ans. Personal genome sequence

 Q 7.  In Manhattan where will you find CHAI LATTE on the menu?

 Ans. Starbucks

Q 8. What is a WHUFFIE ?

Ans . Social currency to measure online reputation like google hits.

Q 9. What is the unique distinction of the firm HANDOO AND HANDOO?

Ans. India’s first LLP – Limited Liability Partnership firm

Q 10. This self proclaimed management guru is helping MBA students DISCOVER THE DIAMOND IN YOU. Who is it?

Ans . Arindam Chaudhuri of IIPM


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