Vintage Indian TV Ads Quiz

The Sunday supplement of the Deccan Chronicle carried this Quiz .

Q1. Kanchan Choudhury, India’s first woman DGP inspired a TV serial where the lead role was played by her sister. The sister is known to millions of Indians as Lalitaji of Surf. Name her.

Ans : Kavita Choudhary. Udaan

Q2. David Whitbread, model co-ordinator and production stylist played the role of which popular ad character for over 14 years?

Ans: Onida Devil
Q3. Filmstars Ayesha Takia and Shahid Kapoor together appeared in which ad as kids?

Ans: Complan
Q4. Karen Hishey teaches school children in New Zealand. What is her connection to Indian advertising?

Ans : Karen Hishey nee Lunel was the original Liril girl

Q5. Tiger Pataudi was the Gwalior Suitings man, Sunil Gavaskar appeared for Dinesh Suitings, Digjam had Shekhar Kapur. Which brand did Vivian Richards and Ravi Shastri endorse?

Ans : Vimal
Q6. Ved Pal Sharma composed music for films such as Souten ki Beti. His most famous creation was for an ad. Identify.

Ans : Nirma. Ved Pal composed the much recalled ‘Washing Powder Nirma’
Q7. Jeevan and Hanu, the kid and the monkey were two cartoon characters that educated kids on which company in the 80s?

Ans : LIC

Q8. Kanwarjit Paintal known for playing Shikhandi in Mahabharat TV serial, appeared in which vintage bulb ad?

Ans : ECE bulbs
Q9. Vicks ki goli lo, khich khich door karo. This ad for Vicks where Jayant Kriplani appeared along with a little girl made Jayant famous. The little girl grew up to be an actress and anchor. Name her.

Ans : Ishita Arun, daughter of Ila Arun

Q10. Cricketer Farokh Engineer and Kishore Kumar have both endorsed which brand now owned by Sara Lee?

Ans : Brylcreem
Q11. Ankita Jhaveri currently based in LA made her mark as a star in Telugu film industry. How did she become darling of millions of people in India, much before she entered the film industry?

Ans : She is the I love you Rasna girl



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