Some Vintage Tata Ads

A Meeting of minds. An ad by Tata Steel
Tata Steel – A meeting of minds
Tata Mercdes Bez Vintage ad
Tata Mercedes Benz – Stalwarts Both
tata enterprises
Tata Enterprises
Tata Steel ad
Tata Steel
Hamam Soap Ad
Tata Hamam Soap
Air India ad
Tata Cologne
Tata Cologne
Taj Ad
Taj Mahal Hotel

In 1977, George Fernandez wants to Nationalise Tata steel. Then Tata steel came up with a campaign to counter the move by highlighting the philanthropic work they are doing. This campaign was relaunched in 2018, with slightly different framing. Identify both the campaigns?

Answer – 1977: We Also Make Steel || 2018: We Also Make Tomorrow

Tata Shampoo ad


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