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Weekly Business Quiz # 458


Q 1. Name this General Insurance Co set up by professionals with VC funding that was became operational in 2017 and uses only online model for selling. It does Ola, Red Bus travel insurance , Mobile insurance for Amazon etc

Ans. Acko

Q 2. What is the key proposition of Elbi an app founded by Russian Model Natalia Vodianova that has Isha Ambani on their advisory board ?

Ans. Reward points for doing charity to preferred causes and exchanging the points for various luxury goods and services

Q 3. Under which brand name has Godrej launched a Neem Agarbatti that drives mosquitoes away ?

Ans. Good Knight

Q4. Identify the brand being endorsed by Akshay Kumar


Ans. Kajaria tiles

Q5. Which celebrity couple endorses the brands Google Duo, Myntra , Manyavar-Mohey ?

Ans. Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma

Q6. Remembering Manna Dey on his birth centenary with this cult classic Bangla song . ” Coffee Houser sei addata aaj aar nei ‘…Before the CCDs and Starbucks was the Coffee House. Who runs the chain of Coffee House ?

Ans. All india coffee workers cooperative society federation an association of 13 cooperative societies.Coffee Board runs 15 Indian Coffee House outlets directly. Coffee Board has also recently given franchise contracts to Afoozo and CCD.

Q7. This advt is being talked about widely. Name the advertiser


Ans. Gillette

Q8. On a day when Yeti is trending, name the car brand which had an SUV model named Yeti ?

Ans. Skoda

Q9. Identify this logo


Ans. The newly laynched WynkTube by Airtel

Q 10. From May 1 2019, SBI is implementing its market linked rates for savings bank accounts with balance over Rs 1 lakh. Based on the current repo rates , what interest will those accounts earn ?

Ans. Repo Rate minus 2.75 %…6 % – 2.75 % = 3.25 %

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Weekly Business Quiz # 457


Q 1. Maggie Amritraj besides being a tennis player herself and mother of the Amritraj brothers, ran a tennis academy in Chennai as an administrator for 2 decades that gave India Leander Paes and Somdev. Maggie RIP. With which corporate did Amritraj collaborate for this academy ? 


Ans. Britannia

Q 2. Essel.Mining and Industries Ltd (EMIL).is a leading iron ore mining producer with  mines in Odisha. To which group does EMIL belong ?

Ans. Aditya Birla Group

Q3. Which was the first ever TV commercial done by Sachin Tendulkar , while still a minor ?


Ans. Band -Aid, a Johnson and Johnson brand

Q4. Pepsi has sued a few farmers from Gujarat for copying their knowledge of growing which crop ?

Ans. Potato for wafers

Q 5. What is the unique distinction of the liquor shop S B Mistry and sons in Nashik, Maharashtra ?

Ans, Licence No 1 for a liquor shop , still running continuously since 1847


Q6. Which brand of apparels is running promotion campaigns in US where they ask the customers to take a picture of theirs wearing their branded dress and get a coupon that gives a ’21’ % off in the next purchase at their outlet ? 

Ans. Forever 21

Q7. Identify the brand and the ‘who’being referred here 


Ans. Nike , Tiger Woods

Q8. In the book publishing world what are ‘Zines’ ?

Ans. The book is handmade, with no bar code or distribution channel, and it is often hand-delivered by the author. Most pages are photo copied. The author controls every aspect from design to distribution. In many ways, the zine is the precursor to the blog, though more intimate

Q9. In the marketplace Domino’s, Pizza Hut and Papa John’s compete in the US but their mozzarella cheese supplier is the same . Name this Denver based co that has an over 80 % share of the pizza cheese market

Ans. Leprino Foods

Q 10 Which company’s valuation statistics read like this :

April 2019: $1 trillion

April 2009: $175 billion

April 1999: $450 billion

April 1989: $3 billion

March 1986: $780 million (IPO)

Ans. Microsoft


  • Compiled by G.Mohan