Announcement – IBQ Annual Readers Quiz 2022

Yet another year is coming to a close. IBQ has been trying to pick quiz worthy business news and events and create weekly quizzes.

From these weekly quizzes, we have picked a set of 30 questions that captures some of the big events as well as some interesting trivia and created an Annual Readers Quiz.

This will go live today at 9.00 PM. All you would need is 20 minutes. The quiz will be available till 30th December.

This is not a test or a contest. It is an attempt to present selected news and events in the form of a quiz. I hope it is educative and entertaining.

This quiz is hosted on .. As the tests are paid licences, the total number of participants is limited. IBQ reserves the right to stop the quiz ahead of 30th.

  • G.Mohan

Here is the link to the quiz :


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