Weekly Business Quiz # 593


Q1. Which MNC industrial gases company with UK headquarters has announced that Sanjiv Lamba, a CA of Indian origin, will be the CEO from March’22 ?

Ans. Linde

Q2. Which popular app/ service is offered by the company CE Infosystems that is coming out with an IPO ?

Ans. MapmyIndia

Q3. A little known Chennai group Ramcharan and Co has raised 4.4 Bn $ from TFCC, a large fund, valuing it at 9 Bn $. What technology do they have ?

Ans. Converting waste into energy with zero residue

Q4. Dr Robert Hoopes , a plant breeder developed a variety of potato with code name FL 2027..This variety is important for an MNC and the MNC took care to see that the seeds of this variety are not available easily. The company recently lost the case in India. Name the co.

Ans. Frito Lays division of Pepsico

Q5. After Air India, govt has made strategic disinvestment in Central Electronics Ltd a PSU under DSIR…Which company’s bid has the govt accepted ?

Ans. Nandal Finance

Q6. This meme has gone viral on Whatsapp after Parag Agrawal’s elevation as Twitter CEO. Can you identify the person and his company on the right of Parag Agrawal i.e second from extreme right ?

Ans. Dinesh C Paliwal , who was CEO of Harman International till 2020


Q7. She is the first lady Chairperson of the company in its 98 year history. Identify her and her company.

Ans. Susan Arnold of Walt Disney

Q8. The world is experiencing a higher cost of living in 2021 mainly due to supply chain disruptions. As per the Economist Intelligence Unit, this year inflation globally is 3.5 % , highest in the last 5 years. Which city is the most expensive city to live in globally as per EIU ?

Ans. Tel Aviv

Watch out for an announcement of the IBQ Annual Readers Business Quiz

Compiled by G.Mohan

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