US Monthly Quiz- Sept 2020

Q 1. Why has Amazon banned the sale of foreign plant seeds in US ?

Ans. Many thousands of Americans received unsolicited packets with seeds that have post marks from China. These are seeds of plants that may damage some of the commodity crops. Hence the US govt has banned them.

Q 2. During this current rally after the pandemic many young first time investors have got attracted to stock trading.. They trade zero commission online trading accounts.. They are called Robinhood investors . Why are they called Robinhood investors ?

Ans. Robinhood is a trading app in US , It’s a barebones trading platform and doesn’t charge any fee…They instead make money from the interest on the deposits made by traders.

Q 3. This is a logo for a research project in Google ..This deals with creating music using machine learning and other technologies. Name it

Google Magenta

Ans. Google Magenta

Q 4. Time is known for its red borders on its cover. Only 2 occasions it has put a black one. Now and once earlier. What was that occasion ?

Time Cover

Ans. 09/11 Twin tower attack

Q 5. Jane Fraser will be the first female CEO of a large Wall Street Bank. Name the bank

Jane Fraser

Ans. Citibank

Q 6. Here is the cover of a recently released book. Fill in the blank. A well known company name

Book Cover

Ans. Netflix

Q 7. “I never imagined that the frequently argumentative little boy I faced each night at dinner, the one eating my food and using my name, was to be my future employer,” Bill Gates Sr said this in a 2003 speech. Where did Bill Gates Sr work for the Bill Gates ?

Ans. Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

Q 8. Facebook has launched a new version of Facebook exclusive for the college students , first in US only..Here the student can have a different profile different from their regular FB profile. What is the name if this offering ?

Ans. Facebook Campus

Q9 . Name this Cloud database company that is coming out with a mega IPO of 3 Bn $ ..It has investors like Berkshire Hathaway and Salesforce

Ans. Snowflake

Q 10. With which company has Google partnered with to market Video Meet hardwar like camera, sound bar , microphones and a touchscreen remote ?

Ans. Lenovo

Q 11. A mega deal is happening in the semi-conductors industry. NVIdia is likely to acquire ARM..Who is the seller ?

Ans. Softbank.. The deal is under some cloud because of UK regulators

Q 12. Elon Musk has promised that Tesla will bring out an autonomous electric car in 3 years at a price point of $25,000. What is the current price of a Tesla Model 3 ?

Ans. USD 37,990

Q 13. Legendary journalist Harold Evans passed away recently. He was known for his fearless investigative journalism when he was editor of Sunday Times. Which famous expose made by him regarding a drug’s side effects is remembered to this day ?

Ans. Thalidomide scandal

Compiled by G.Mohan 

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