US Monthly Quiz- July

Q1. June 30  is the World Social Media Day . World Social Media Day was first celebrated in 2010. Which magazine started this trend ?

Ans. Mashable

Q 2. Which company’s Chief decided to produce a Short Shorts to take a dig at the Short Sellers who were predicting the company’s failure ? It has produced and is now retailing at $.69.420. Why .420?


Ans. Tesla’s Elon Musk. 420 per share was the price offered by Elon musk to investors for making Tesla private.

Q 3. On July 8 1889 three financial reporters Charles Dow, Edward Jones and Charles Bergstresser started publishing a four page afternoon newspaper . What publication are we talking about ?

Ans. The Wall Street Journal

Q 4. NPC International one of the largest franchisees of two popular fast food chains has filed for bankruptcy protection under Chapter 11. Which two fast food chains are they franchisees of ?

Ans. Pizza Hut and Wendy’s

Q5. Uber has acquired Postmates for $ 2.65 Bn $ in an all stock deal. In which business is Postmates in ?

Ans. Food Deilvery

Q6. Google has withdrawn Google Plus from the Play Store. What will you find in its place ?

Ans. Currents

Q7. Why is the Facebook founder Eduardo Saverin and Raj Ganguly promoted investment firm called B Capital?

Ans. B series funding of startups

Q 8. Which well known electronics giant was called NM Electronics first, initials of their founders Noyce and Moore, was later renamed as Integrated Electronics and then to its current name ?

Ans. Intel

Q9. Which two semiconductor companies are coming together in US through an acquisition of one by the other in a mega deal ?

Ans. Analog Devices and Maxim Integrated

Q 10. Which brand has produced a long comic film that has a team designing a sustainable pizza box under Work From Home situation the team is in ?


Ans. Apple

Q 11. Who was the biggest spender on advertising and promotion in US during the year 2019 ?

Ans. Amazon

Q 12. One agency that will bring the COVID vaccine to all countries , rich and poor, is GAVI. Expand GAVI 

Ans. Global Alliance for Vaccine and Immunization

Compiled by G.Mohan 

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