Weekly Business Quiz # 498


Q 1. Chinese restaurants are now found all over India. Which was the first Chinese restaurant in India that came up in Kolkata in 1924 ?

Ans. Nanking ( now defunct)

Q 2. What measures are technology companies with global development centres in India taking with the employees who have returned from China ?

Ans. 14 days Work from Home policy for those who have returned from China

Q3. The share of Automatic Transmission in cars is going up in India. In 2011 it was a mere 1.4 % . What was its share in 2019 ?

Ans. 17.3 % approx

Q 4. Nuvoco Vistas will be acquiring Emami’s cement business for about Ra 5500 crore. This is known for its brands like Duraguard , Concreto and Infracem. Which Indian group owns Nuvoco Vistas ?

Ans. Nirma Group

Q5. Vodafone Idea will continue to offer prepaid services under both Vodafone and Idea brands but will not offer both for Postpaid customers. Which will be the single Postpaid brand ?

Ans. Vodafone Red

Q6. Which overseas fashion house is opening a couple of outlets each in Delhi and Mumbai of its mid-market brand COS – short for Collection of Style ?

Ans. H & M from Sweden

Q7. Rank the smart phone brands in terms of market shares in the Indian market for the year 2019.

A. Oppo B. Samsung C. Vivo D.Xiaomi

Ans, 1. Xiaomi 2. Samsung 3. Vivo 4. Oppo

Q8. The price of crude oil has declined by 20 % since January 1 2020 , what is the single biggest reason being stated by the analysts ?

Ans. Novel Corona Virus affecting trade from and to China

Q9. Which airline has connected the Karnataka town Bidar to Bengaluru ?

Ans. Trujet

Q 10. Which brand of soap sent out a public service message talking about the virtues of hand washing. The advt mentioned the names of competing brands ?

Ans. Lifebuoy

Q 11. With which company has BPCL tied up to launch e-drive , where select pumps in Kochi and Lucknow will provide battery swapping facilities for electric three-wheelers ?

Ans. Kintetic Green


Q 12. Which brand of mobile service in US issued a full page advt in New York Times signed by actor Ryan Reynolds saying that instead of spending 5 Mn $ on a Super Bowl ad they will give away 3 months free service to all who call during the match ?

Ans. Mint Mobile

Q 13. Which are the companies behind Global Developer Service Alliance that will take on Google’s Play Store in the Android Apps marketplace ?

Ans. Huawei, Oppo, Vivo and Xiaomi are part of the GDSA

Q 14. Ryan Kaji reviews toys on YouTube through his channel Ryan’s World. He is the highest earning YouTuber . During the period June 18 to June 2019 what was his estimated earnings ?


Ans. 26 Mn $

Q 15. Prem Parameswaran has been appointed by Donald Trump in the Advisory Commission on Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders. He is the only Indian in a 13 member commission. With which Indian film production is he associated ?

Ans. Eros International


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