US Monthly Quiz – November

Q 1. Why have McDonalds discontinued their spoon shaped coffee stirrers ?

McD stirrers

Ans. The coffee stirrers were used for drugs

Q 2. An advt using the power of omission. A big toys brand. Name it.


Ans. Fisher-Price now part of Mattel

Q 3. Kevin Plank , the founder of Under Armour,.when it was just a startup , used to carry business cards with two different designations. He used to offer them depending on the appropriateness. One said ‘President’ , what was the other ?


Ans. Sales Manager

Q 4. Facebook has a New logo in All Caps. Why did the company feel the need to change the logo a why does the color change ?


Ans. To distinguish between Facebook the company and Facebook the app. The colors represent Facebook – blue, Whatsapp – Green and Multicolor – Instagram.

Q 5. What medium has seen a huge revival in US music industry that this year it’s sales will beat the revenues from CDs ?

Ans. Vinyl records

 Q 6. Ford vs Ferrari is an upcoming Hollywood film . It is based on a true story of how Henry Ford did not take the insult by Enzo Ferrari kindly , when he refused to sell his company to Ford. How did Henry Ford respond to the Ferrari insult and what famous race is involved ?

Ford V Ferrari

Ans. He put together a team to create a racing car Ford GT 40, that beat Ferrari in the prestigious Le Mans 24 race

Q 7. Merger of the generic drugs arms of which two pharma majors is called Viatris , it will produce Viagra among others ?

Ans. Mylan and Upjohn, the generic division of Pfizer

Q 8. Brian Acton the co-founder of WhatsApp is urging people to ‘Delete Facebook’. What messaging service has he founded after leaving Facebook ?

Ans. Signal Foundation that is a not-for-profit

Q 9. Which Disney film inspired these dolls marketed by Hasbro ? The sequel of this animation film is releasing soon. 


Ans. Else and Anna characters from Frozen

  • Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter @go_mohan

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