Crucible Diaries | Coimbatore(corporate) 2019

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Prelims and Finals

Why did Pliny the elder called India land of the Sink Of World’s gold? – There was a trade huge imbalance in favour of India which paved the way for gold.

It is a district in the west end of London. It is bounded by Fitzrovua to the west, Covent Garden to the south. It is famed as a fashionable residential area and as the home of numerous prestigious cultural, intellectual, and educational institutions. name this literary hub of London that lends its name to a famous publication company. – Bloomsbury

In the preindustrial era, they used to escort people from one place to another and carried a flaming torch to light the way for pedestrians at night. They were common in London in days before street lighting. Their name came from a term for the cotton tow that formed the wick of the torch. – Link Boy

Mac Tonight by McDonalds

Image result for osram sylvania old logo

Sylvania Electrics created COBOLT language

Related image


Image result for feetscience logo

By? – Tata International Ltd. (Bachi Shoes Division)

Image result for mackmyra ai whisky

Mackmyra in collaboration with? – Microsoft

Image result for jee ready

By? – Amzon

Related image

Whiz, a floor mopping robot by? – Soft Bank

Image result for mobley hotel

First hotel operated by Conrad Hilton

Image result for mahmee founders

Mahmee Founders – Sarena Williams invested in this.

Connect – Oyo

Connect – Flipkart Logo

Connect: Alibaba

Connect – Companies named after cities

A question on the investments by Tiger Global.

A question about glorification of long working hours – recently highlighted by Alexis Ohanian of Reddit.

Answer – Jayem Automobiles

A question about pice – smallest coin minted in India in 19th century.

Image result for international coffee organisation logo

Logo? – International Coffee Organisation

A question about Md. Azaharuddin being the brand ambassador for Zinda Telismath.

A question about “Reverse Innovation”.

This company was established in the year 1916, as a manufacturer and supplier of carbonated and non carbonated drinks by P.V.S.K.Palani Appa Nadar. Over the years, it battled Spencer’s, the British brand, Indian players such as parle, and then MNCs. Name the brand? – Bovonto


Created PUBG

This term is a brand name created to sound catchier than ‘IEEE 802.11b Direct Sequence’. It was coined by the brand consulting firm Interbrand – WiFi

In Australia, what name is given to a backwater channel which forms a long, narrow lagoon? – Billabong

Cluster of 80 villages, has self made looms, Vinoba Bhave made it famous – Pochampally

Image result for NR group

Makers of cycle agarbatti

A question about acko Insurance

Image result for martha washington on currency

Who? – Martha Washington

It is a subcategory of e-commerce and online retail for introducing new products, services, and brands to market by pre-launching online, sometimes as reservations in limited quantity before release, realization, or commercial availability. What is the term? – Pretail

A question about brands owned by Decathalon.

Image result for madhukar medplus

Madhukar is the founder of? – Medplus

Image result for jupiter capital logo

Owns which media entity? – Asianet

Image result for kellogg's kangaroo

Kellogs was blanked out

Image result for startup land zendesk

Zendesk was blanked out

Image result for a m naik

Identify? – A M Naik

Image result for google news logo

Logo? – Google news

Image result for dolby logo

Logo? – Dolby

Questions on Sharechat, Investopedia, Sampath Bank, Scott Adams.

The questions of prelims and finals of Coimbatore round of Tata Crucible were shared by PJ.

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