Crucible Diaries | South Zone Corporate Finals 2019

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The entrepreneur journey of this gentleman started, in a sense, with Nelco, a Tata company where he used to provide finance by discounting bills. his family ere traditional cotton traders who diversified into other commodities and this great businessman almost lost his life after being hit by a cricket ball. Who? – Uday Kotak

“Bapuji knew “Babuji”, and along with Jamnalal introduced Sarla Biyani to him. Babuji was associated with a number of educational Institutions. He won the highest award of the Ethiopian state, from the Emperor Haile Selassie I, for having established the first major India joint venture in that country. Who is Babuji? – B.K. Birla

Tamara Mellon, founder of Jimmy Choo shoes, recently collaborated with the Aids foundation of? – Elton John

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Douglas Englebart created mouse. Which company became the first to commercially launch the mouse? – Apple Inc

She is Karen Uhlenbeck. What did she achieve first in the world? – First Woman to receive able prize.

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Identify the person. – Satoshi Nakomoto of Bitcoin

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Identify the publication named after this match. – Granma

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Question about white club training programme by Rolls Royce Choppers.

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Identify her. Wife of Jagadish Bhagavati. First to receive doctorate in economics from Asia at Harvard – Padma Desai

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It was created by Eugène Schueller. connect RVP(Red Vet Pet) and Coppertone. – Sunscreen

Tetly Tea Folk

Question about the cricket ball with an embedded microchip.

Fred Perry

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They main Internet Archives

Related image

Ama Plantation trails by IHCL

Connect: Cars24, Mysore sandal soap, among two others. – M S Dhoni

Connect: Robert Downey Jr, Amithab Bachhan, Sacred Games. – One plus

A connect on Land Rover: NaMo video, Leyland Logo and two other personalities.

A connect on Adiddas: Messi, Ad and two other visuals

In 1925, the press association of Great Britain, decided to acquire majority interest in them. They did not like the interference of the British Government, hence decided to go private in 1941. Who? – Reuters

Josh Dahn heads a school, where the students are asked to choose from 11 fictional characters. – Elon Musk’s School – AdAstra.

The excerpts from the corporate south zonal finals of Tata Crucible Corporate Quiz were shared by PJ.


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