Tata Brands, Products, and Initiatives – 2.0

Bombay Paisley, Gia, Lov, UTSA, Nuon, Wardrobe, Sassy Soda, Vark, Wunderlove, Zuba, StudioFit, Luna Blu, Diza are the womensware clothing lines by which Tata brand? – Westside

An intitiative by an energy and research NGO? – TERI

Campaign by? – Tata Steel

An animal feed brand by?– Tata Chemicals

“Simplify.Create” is the tagline of which Tata company whose infrastructure project in Pune to install LED street lights is named as Ujjwal Pune Limited? – Tata Projects

Which Tata company started its journey by making these radios? – NELCO

Image result for tata net logo

Tata net is a solution offered by which Tata company? – NELCO

Who collaborated with Tata Trusts to create Internet Saathi, to educate rural Indian women on internet usage? – Google

Muskaan is an initiative by Tata Steel to encourage the participation of women employees. What is it about? –  A crèche cum day care facility for young children of the employees.

She is Freany K Cama. What first is credited to her account? – She is the first JN Tata Endowment Scholor


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