Weekly Business Quiz # 54

Q1. As per a recent survey by GMAC the agency for GMAT what is india’s rank for doing management education ?

 Ans. No 4

Q2. Why has the Competition Commission of india imposed a fine of Rs 1 cr on Kingfisher airlines ?

Ans. For the deal with Jet airways

Q3. Which economist politician has written a book titled SATYAM SPECTRUM SUNDARAM ?


Q4. Which sports car has models called BOXSTER, CAYENNE, CARRERA, PANAMERA etc ?


Q5. Níira Radia is in the eye of the 2G spectrum scam. Name the corporate lobbying firm she heads.

 Ans. Vaishnavi Communications

Q6. What is the stated reason for sacking Air India Express COO Pavan Arora ?

Ans. Fudging his CV and referencing Bauldof the Air India COO

Q7. One of the promoters of ENAM was in the limelight along side Harshad Mehta. After the scam he went off media. Name him.

Ans. Nemish Shah

Q8. Why has Amar Bose of BOSE Corp sworn never to take his company public ?

Ans.  To have freedom to plough money into research

Q9. In silicon valley who is the best paymaster ? This co is forcing Google to hike salaries .has launched a GMAIL killer recently.

Ans. Facebook

Q10. How did the brand REEBOK get its name ?

Ans. Reebok is an Afrikans way of spelling African antelope Rhebok

Q11. Spectrum Raja has allegedly favoured SWAN telecom with 2G licences. Name the businessman behind Swan.

Ans. Anil Ambani

Q 12. Bonus question : Identify these women and what connects them. Answers as comments.










Ans. 1. Nita Ambani 2. Anuradha Mahindra 3. Parameshwar Godrej 4. Maureen Wadia… The connection is all are wives of well-known businessmen. They are celebrities and powerful women in their own right.

-Compiled by G.Mohan


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