Weekly Business Quiz #24

Q1. MUDRA and BBDO india are ad agencies which are part of the second largest ad group in the world. Which one ?

Ans. Omnicom

Q2. It is not Pune punters or Pune pirates or Pune pansies or even Pune pundits. The Pune IPL team will be called Sahara Pune….?

Ans.  Warriors

Q3. Name this new Mahesh Manjrekar film based on the 1982 Bombay textile mills strike led by the notorious Datta Samant.

Ans. City of gold

Q4. Before film stars and cricketers came to ads, What pics were common in posters and calendars for indian products?

Ans. Hindu Gods & goddesses. Baby Krishna on Woodwards and Vishnu on sunlight

Q5. In 1920s-30s big indl groups in india e.g Bird & co used to raise capital,float cos & manage them, What were they called ?

Ans. Managing agency

Q6. In this season of scams it is time to remember ‘Deep throat’ who blew the lid of one of the biggest scandals in US. Which one ?

Ans. Watergate

Q7. Which crisis has been described by IATA chief as a crisis ‘bigger than 9/11’ for the aviation business?

Ans. Volcanic ash in the Iceland sky

Q8. This former Ranbaxy chief has a 50:50 JV with GVK group called GVK bio, a fast growing CRO. Name him.

Ans. D S Brar

Q9. Often called the ‘father of Indian HRD’, this academician has over 60 books to his credit in HR/OB.He passed away Who?

Ans. Dr. Udai Pareek

Q10. What is the new social media platform by Microsoft targetted at politicians called ?

Ans. Townhall

Q11. Which All india project will be conducted over 11 months by 25 lac team members and costing Rs 2209 cr ?

Ans. Census 2011


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