Weekly Business Quiz # 23

Q1. Which All india project will be conducted over 11 months by 25 lac team members and costing Rs 2209 cr ?

Ans. Census 2011

Q2. What simple innovation did HUL carry out in its detergent bars to save BOP customers cost and water ?

Ans. A waterproof coating on 5 sides

Q3, Like Getty Images, an Indian co has created a collection of Indian images for use in ads. Brochures web sites etc. Name it.

Ans. Imagesbazaar.com

Q4. Between ’87 & ’91 Lalit Modi was Exe. Director in a cigarette major. Name it.

Ans. Godfrey Philips. His family business totters but he is on top

Q5. Name this India born strategy guru who is credited with ‘core competence’ and ‘Bottom of Pyramid ‘. He passed away recently.

Ans. C K Prahalad.

Q6. Why has EYJAFJALLAJOKULL been in the news ?

Ans. It is the volcano in Iceland which is spewing ash forcing airlines to cancel flights leading to huge losses to the industry

Q7. The Kochi IPL team owner Shailendra Gaikwad’s team won the SPL. What is SPL?

Ans. Solapur Premier league

Q8. Connect Hotspot, Big C, Univercell, Sangeetha….

Ans.  All are chains of multi brand cellphone retail outlets in south india

Q9. What is Harshad Mehta doing in the Kochi IPL team ?

Ans.  He is the new Chairman of the KOCHI IPL team. In the land of scams even scamsters (?) names repeat

Q10. First proposed by Abdul Kalam , what is ‘PURA’ ?

Ans. Providing urban infrastructure in rural areas. GOI has taken it up

Q11. You know KKR the IPL team. In PE circles what is KKR ?

Ans. Kohlberg Kravis & Robert

Q12. According to Tharoor camp what is Lalit Modi’s KXP connection ?

Ans.  Gaurav, the brother of Mohit Burman, one of the owners of KXP, is Modi’s son-in-law.

Q13. What is unique about TACTILE MINDS a Canadian publication ?

Ans. First porn book for the blind. 17 nude pics of women & men that can be ‘felt’

Q14. What unique distinction did PROPUBLICA receive recently?

Ans. First online publication to receive a Pulitzer prize for journalism

Q15. Why should bank customers be grateful to Indore based Mahesh Natani & Ajit Jain?

Ans. Their PIL forced RBI to issue the new Savings Bank interest rule based on daily balance rather than monthly balance.

Q 16. Name this Stephen-IIMA alum who will take over as the global Mastercard CEO. Clue: his brother was HUL chairman.

Ans. Ajay Banga


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