Weekly Business Quiz # 21

Q1. Before selling its majority stake to a foreign bank with which bank were the GMR group associated ?

Ans. Vysya bank now ING Vysya

Q2. What is a ‘digital will’ ?

Ans. A will to bequeath digital assets like private emails , digital music photos , videos etc

Q3. Where will you find the worlds Mauryaprast, Noom. Solaria. Re-janm online ?

Ans. In www.gojiyo.com a social network site by GODREJ

Q4. Which former US president as a board member of American Express stunned the board when he asked the diff between ‘equity’ and ‘revenue’ ?

Ans. Gerald Ford

Q5. Why are HUL and Colgate  watching the moves of WRIGLEY ‘S and PERFETTI in the marketplace ?

Ans. These cos. are pushing gum brands as oral care even through dentists

Q6. Who owns the skin care brand Neutrogena ?

Ans. Johnson and Johnson

Q7.  ‘How many friends does one person need?’ according to Robin Dunbar’s book which has this title.

Ans.  About 150. Beyond that there is memory overload.

Q8. Why does the bar in the Mum-Delhi luxury train Maharaja express have a ‘dry day’ board on 2 days out of its 7 day journey?

Ans. Prohibition in Gujarat.

Q9. Sweating in the Bhopal heat what did the Union Minister Jairam Ramesh refer to as ‘barbaric colonial relics’ ?

Ans. The convocation dress

Q 10. Why savings bank a/c holders will earn more interest from 1 apr 2010, though the int rate is same ?

Ans. New method based on daily balances as against lowest monthly balances earlier.

Q 11. Which Hyderabad based group has been sponsoring #Sania Mirza since her junior tennis days ?

Ans. #GVK

Q 12. Maruti 800 and Ford Ikon have stopped sales from today in 13 indian cities. Why ?

Ans. BS-IV pollution norms. These models are only BS-III compliant.

Q13. On being offered a drink in London and your reply was KUCCH NAHI. What will the host bring?

Ans. Whisky.KUCCH NAI is a whisky launched by an NRI.

Q 14. Ministry of health GOI has a dept of AYUSH. Expand AYUSH.

Ans. Ayurved, Yoga and Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha and Homeopathy. All traditional medicines.

Q 15. Ninety % of US CEOs are taller than the average American. What is this bias called ?

Ans. Heightism

– G.Mohan



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