Guest Business Quiz- # 13

Here is another set of global business questions from our Guest Quiz Master – G. Sreekanth. Hope you will find them interesting.

Q 1. It wasn’t until late 1990 that a solo female entrepreneur featured on the cover of Forbes. Who featured on the cover in Oct 1990 with dollar signs shining on a pink costume and accompanied by the question, “America’s Smartest Businesswoman?” 

Ans. Madonna

Q 2. The first case of this phenomenon was reported in 1969 in the shipping department of Japan’s largest newspaper company. In 1987, as public concern increased, the Japanese Ministry of Labour began to publish statistics on this. This phenomenon is also common in South Korea, where it is referred as gwarosa and in China, where it is called guolaosi. What concerning phenomenon, that also led to some life insurance companies putting one-year exemption clauses in their contracts?

Ans. Karoshi or death from overwork

Q3. The first legal casino opened in this city in 1978 and in 1983 it was projected to earn more from gambling than Las Vegas. Which city, that is associated with a very popular board game and has also been home to Miss America pageant since 1921? 

Ans. Atlantic City, which inspired the American version of the board game Monopoly, especially the street names.

Q4. It is said that a Northwest Airlines 747 pilot named Robert Plath reinvented air travel when he came up with the idea of Rollaboard. What was Rollaboard, a brand also seen in the 2009 movie Up in the Air, starring George Clooney? 

Ans. Rollaboard was one of the earliest version of ‘suitcase with wheels.’

Q5. Which media tycoon known for his passion for boats, balloons and motorcycles, owned more Faberge eggs than even the Soviet government and at one point in time had a collection of Faberge pieces that ranked ‘second only to Queen Elizabeth’?

Ans. Malcolm Forbes

Q6. The Motley Fool is a financial-services company that provides financial advice for investors through various stock, investing, and personal finance services. The US based company was founded in 1993 by brothers David and Tom Gardner; and Erik Rydholm. The name of the company is taken from which comedy believed to have been written in 1599 and first published in 1623?

Ans) Shakespeare’s As You Like It.

Q7. Which European city’s central business district is referred to as Mainhattan?

Ans. Frankfurt – the word is a portmanteau of Main, the river on which Frankfurt lies, and Manhattan, a reference to the inner-city area’s visually impressive high rises and skyscrapers.

Q8. A popular legend attributes the tax-free status of this territory to the heroic acts of the inhabitants during a maritime tragedy in 1794, often referred to as “Wreck of the Ten Sails”.  King George III rewarded the island with a promise never to introduce taxes as compensation for their generosity, as one of the ships carried a member of the King’s own family. Which offshore financial haven?

Ans. Cayman Islands

Q9. Who ran this ad in 1988 explaining the purchase of New York’s Plaza Hotel?


Ans. Donald Trump

Q 10. Breakthrough Starshot is a $100 million research and engineering program aiming to demonstrate proof of concept for a new technology, enabling ultra-light unmanned space flight at 20% of the speed of light; and to lay the foundations for a flyby mission to Alpha Centauri within a generation. Who, along with the Russian billionaireYuri Milner and Mark Zuckerberg, is on the board of this research program?

Ans. Stephen Hawking

Q 11. To which three great Americans did the rapper-businessman Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs dedicate his perfume, ‘I Am King’?


Ans. Muhammad Ali,Martin Luther King, and Barack Obama

Q12. Everything was on track in the early days of this now famous company, until the Arab oil embargo hit in 1973. Suddenly the company costs increased and there was a cash crunch. The founder knew how to play blackjack from his days during the Vietnam war. His $27,000 winnings at the casino lifted the confidence and later helped the company save itself. Who is this ‘great gambler’ whose ‘world changed overnight’?

Ans. Fred Smith, FedEx founder. Infact, FedEx uses the tagline ‘The World Overnight’, which has been used as a subtle clue in the question!

Q13. He is often called America’s Money Manager but critiques himself by saying that he always makes mistakes by selling away stocks too early. In 1989, he got a call from Warren Buffet who wanted to use a line “Selling your winners and holding your losers is like cutting the flowers and watering the weeds” in his year-end report for Berkshire Hathaway. Who is this famous money manager and from which well-known book authored by him is the line from?

Ans. Peter Lynch. The line that Warren Buffet borrowed is from Lynch’s famous book ‘One Up on Wall Street’.

Q 14. In the 1980s, Ross Perot, founder of EDS and Perot Systems, sold EDS to General Motors and got into the business of backing the next generation of entrepreneurs. In 1986 he did something that helped someone who too had ‘big ideas’. What did Perot do?

Ans. Ross Perot seed funded Steve Jobs with $20 million with which the latter started NeXT Computer.

Q 15. Who is this fashion icon and entrepreneur, now well-known for inventing the ‘wrap dress’?


Ans. Diane von Furstenberg

  • Compiled by Guest Quiz Master G.Sreekanth – G.Sreekanth is a National level Business Quiz Champion. He works and lives in Singapore



Weekly Business Quiz # 404


Q 1. Kia Motors is yet another foreign maker entering the Indian market. It will enter with a compact SUV and a compact sedan. Where is Kia setting up its plant in India ?

Ans. Anantpur, AP

Q2. Which Bollywood filmmaker has a YouTube channel and is soon launching an app with original films and TV series called “VB on the web” ?

Ans. Vikram Bhatt

Q3. Govt issued guidelines for Electoral Bonds today. Where and in what denominations will these bonds be issued 

Ans. SBI is the designated bank to issue electoral bonds of denominations Rs 1000, Rs 10,000, Rs 100,000 , Rs 10,00,000 and Rs 1 crore each with a tenure of 15days


Q4. Alibaba has been able to achieve a record 9.3 Bn $ of sales on Siingles Day in China. It attributes its growth this year to “FashionAI”. How does FashionAI help the shoppers ?

Ans. Presenting to the shopper the designs and fabrics suitable to the shopper using machine learning pricnciples

Q5. Which country has a policy to encourage book writing by buying 1000 books for any book and 1500 copies for children’s books to be distributed in the libraries ?

Ans. Norway

Q6. In December 2017, Marriott launched a campaign where they showed to the passers by on River Thames images of Eiffel Tower and Rome’s Colosseum on the night sky as a part of its ‘Travel Brilliantly’ campaign. What is this new technology called ?


Ans. ECHO by Lightvert

Q7. In 1909, which was the the agency that did first ever credit rating , it was an issue of municipal bonds ?

A. Standard and Poors
B. Moody’s
C. Fitch
D. Duff and Phelps

Ans. B . Moody’s

Q8. ____ guaranteed the quality of his merchandise in print, He allowed his customers to return purchases for a cash refund and offered the first restaurant to be located inside a department store. ______ also invented the price tag. Name this pioneering retailer

Ans. John Wanamaker

Q9. Which was the world’s first electronic stockmarket ? Until this came up in 1971 , open outcry method was used to know the bid and ask prices of stocks.


  • Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter @go_mohan

Guest Business Quiz – # 12

In our Guest business quiz series, we have a quiz post from a young quiz master -Prabhanjan Sharma.


Q 1. Which Indian financial services co has diversified itself to education sector by establishing schools in Bengaluru, Pune and Gurgaon with the moto of Educate, Excel, Empower? The school carries  the name of the company. 

Ans) HDFC.. the schools are called “The HDFC Schools”

Q 2.  Shripal Morakhia is an Indian Businessman, Film Director and a film Producer. He owns a sports entertainment venture which is co-operated by Star India. This venture is there in Mumbai, Hyderabad, Noida, Gurgaon, Ludhiana and Bengaluru. Name this sports venture?

Ans. Smaaash

Q3.  Azhar Iqubal, Beepit Purkaystha and Anunay Arunav are the founders of this application which summarizes the information in very few words. Identify  this famous company or app founded by them?

Ans. Inshorts Media labs Pvt Ltd Or Inshorts

Q4.  Pinstove is an food delivery app founded by Baiju Mohammed, Bhagavan Das and Harry Croydon. What is the uniqueness of this app which stands away from other food delivery services.

Ans) The food is cooked by HomeChefs (Housewives)

Q5.  Tina Tharwani, Manoj mittra, Rriddhi Talwalkar,Pragathi Malhotra and Saurabh Malhotra are the part of this company which was in news very recently for major event held in Italy. Identify the event and the company?

Ans. Shaadi Squad ( Wedding Planners of Virat and Anushka’s Marriage)

Q6. In 1999 this brand was banned in America because there it used child labour.There was huge protests against this brand. Investigations found that it was very popular in America but they didn’t contain warning labels. Name this famous Indian brand which is popular in rural India?

Ans) Ganesh  Beedi


Q7. This sea food restaurants was founded in the year 1996 in Monterey California. The company is based in Houston,Texas and has been a divison of Landry’s restaurants since 2010. This restaurant was inspired from a movie of Tom Hanks which was released in 1994. Which famous sea food restaurant are we talking about and from which movie did it take inspiration?

Ans. Bubba Gump Shrimp Company , Forest Gump

Q8. The founder of this company raised $1 million dollars by selling hats worth $20 each. He sold out the entire line of 50000 plain black baseball caps showing the firm’s logo in over a month. Who is this founder who raised funds by selling caps and name the company?

Ans. Elon Musk , The Boring Company

Q9.  Who is the voice behind the tagline of McDonalds ” I’m Loving It”?

Ans. Justin Timberlake
Q 10. This company is partially owned by the Chinese government and their computers are suspected to come preloaded with secret backdoor access. So MI6,CIA and other spy agencies have banned their use. Which computer brand are we talking about?

Ans. Lenovo Computers

  • Compiled by Prabhanjan Sharma , a final year degree student of Seshadripuram Degree College, Bengaluru. He is a passionate quiz enthusiast and one of the pioneers behind the college quiz fest “Foghlaim”.

Weekly Business Quiz # 403


Q 1. What new kind of leave has State Bank of India approved recently for its employees ?

Ans. One week bereavement leave for employees who lose a close family member

Q 2. On their father’s anniversary what gift did elder bro Mukesh Ambani give to his younger bro Anil Ambani this year ?

Ans. acquisition of Reliance Communications spectrum and tower assets by Reliance Jio to repay loans of approx Rs 23,000 crore

Q3. What new guidelines regarding commodities trading has been announced by SEBI that will make them easier to trade ?

Ans. BSE and NSE will allow commodities trading

Q4. Widely known as the Indian restaurant world’s favourite incubator for new and exotic concepts, it was unfortunately a restaurant that caught fire. RIP to the dead. Name the place .

Ans Kamala Mills Compound

Q5. With which sugar company you would associate Meenakshi Saraogi who built the company by her vision and hands on management ?

Ans. Balrampur chini Mills Ltd

Q6. What recent incident forced Bharti Airtel CEO Gopal Vittal to send a letter saying we did not live up to their high standards ?

Ans. Airtel Payments Bank violating the KYC guidelines

Q7. Name the dairy brand that traces it’s origin to 1924 when a Swiss national acquired an Aligarh based dairy and gave it his own name.

Ans. Keventers

Q8. Which Indian juice brand has launched pre-mixed mocktails like Virgin Mary And Pina Colada during this party season ?

Ans. Real

Q9. How did Shree Cement MD 65 year old Hari Mohan Bangur keep himself mentally alert until recently ?

Ans. Appearing for the CAT exam every year

Q 10. Which brand ran a TV commercial showing brother-sister relationship with the tagline “Magic of warmth” ?

Ans. Parachute

Q11. An old brand has had a new campaign with a message that the brand stands for love across generations. Name the brand

Rasna new

Ans. Rasna ( I love you Rasna)


Q 12. What does Xiaomi mean in Chinese ?

Ans. Millet ( grain)

Q 13. Which brand is disrupting the razor market by a subscription model where razors are sent home for one dollar a month and attacking Gillette by “And do you like spending $20/month on brand name razors? $19 go to Roger Federer!” ?

Ans. Dollar Shave Club

Q 14. Talking about company towns, if Jamshedpur is the company town of Tata Cos , Wolfsburg is the co town of Volkswagen , which org is behind the town of Oak Ridge in Tennessee , USA ?

Ans. Oak Ridge , Tennessee was the company town for Project Manhattan of US Govt for making atom bomb

Wishing all the readers a very happy and prosperous 2018. Happy quizzing !!


  • Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter handle @go_mohan

WBQ 2017 Round Up – Global

This is the second part of the 2017 Round Up where we look at the questions that featured in 2017 under the global section which stand relevant even as we enter 2018. This selection is very limited and reflects my own interests and biases.


Donald Trump dominated the political news. It had it’s benefits to its family, particularly Ivanka Trump, who also made an India trip during the year.

Q1. In which product category is Ivanka Trump’s brands No 1 and No 2 in sales at Amazon after her father’s victory ?

Ans. Perfumes

Fear of Jeff Bezos and the Amazon Armageddon had its impact.

Q 2. By virtually selling stock of which retailer has Warren Buffet signalled the end of organised big retail ?

Ans. Wal-Mart

GE has started falling from the highest perch it occupied.

Q3. After the legendary Jack, it was Jeff for 16 years. Now it will be John from August 1. Which large global company will see this change ?

Ans. General Electric, Jack Welch, Jeff Immelt and now John Flannery

Q 4. Management Guru Jack Trout passed away recently. Name the landmark book he wrote with Al Ries.

Ans. Positioning : The Battle for Your Mind

Q 5. This is only the second occasion that Bank of England has issued a currency note with a woman’s photo on it. Who is the person honoured ? 


Ans. Jane Austen on her 200th birth anniversary


Q6. Reckitt Benckiser has acquired Mead Johnson. What are the major products of Mead Johnson.

Ans. Baby Food

Q7. Which prestigious university has raised 1 billion $ through an issue of bonds having a coupon Rate of 2.5 % and 100 year tenor ?

Ans.Oxford University

Q8. Which company is going to takeover the 21st Century Fox division of Rupert Murdoch’s media empire ?

Ans. Disney



The Chinese phones like Oppo and Vivo were the biggest advertisers. IPhone X launch was a big event of the year.

Q9. Identify this reclusive Chinese entrepreneur. He co-founded two well known mobile phone handset brands. Name him and also the brands he created.


Ans. Duan Yongping co-founder of Vivo and Oppo

Q 10. For whom do Samsung employees use the codename “LO” and what does it stand for ?

Ans. Apple, Lovely Opponent ( LO)

Rich and Famous

The rising stockmarket worldwide led to its changes in the wealth of the businessmen. Some wealthy businessmen continued to make their impact socially through their charity and philanthropy.

Q 11. Identify this fashion retailer and his brand, who has recently overthrown Jeff Bezos to become the second richest man in the world.


Ans. Amancio Ortega of IndiTex, owners of Zara

Q 12. Identify this former billionaire who gave away all his wealth to charity by end 2016 making him being called ‘ James Bond of philanthropy’ by Forbes.


Ans. Chuck Feeney

Q13. Which businessman has a project called Carbon War room that has the tagline “There is no planet B’ ?

Ans. Richard Branson


Q 14. Name this India-born family group in South Africa in media, mining and other business in the eye of a storm because of corruption scandal involving president Jacob Zuma 

Ans. Guptas

Q 15. Which brand had to apologise and remove its advt where a black woman turned into a white woman after using the product ?


Ans. Dove Body lotion

Q 16. What was unusual about a Japanese train Tsukuba Express apologizing to its passengers, saying they were sorry for creating “tremendous nuisance” ?

Ans.  The train left a station 20 seconds early

New Technologies

Disruptions continued through new technologies. Electric cars, 3D printing, Robots, Artificial Intelligence all were areas seeing a lot of innovation and new products.

Q 17. Which is the world’s largest selling electric car ? Clue : – Tesla is No 2

Ans. Nissan Leaf

Q 18. What new service has Amazon announced in US which allows delivery of packages inside the house when no one is there to receive ?

Ans. Amazon Key

Q 19. In which product/ service is ROKU a formidable competitor to Apple, Google and Amazon ?

Ans. Video Streaming device

Q 20. In which newly emerging product category are Sony, Oculus and HTC #1, #2 and #3 respectively ?

Ans. Virtual reality headset

Q 21. Recently Saudi Arabia gave citizenship to Sophia. What is special or unique about this ?

Ans. Sophia is a robot and this is the first occasion a robot has been given citizenship by any country

Q 22. Which country/state has announced a ” State Minister for Artificial Intelligence” , a first position of its kind ?

Ans. UAE, Omar Bin Sultan Olama is the first such Minister

Q 23. Which sportswear has announced mass manufacture of sports shoes using 3 D printing ?

Ans. Adidas


In the financial markets, 2017 would perhaps be remembered as the year of the bitcoins. Its price continued to shoot up to astronomical levels. Associated words to Bitcoins namely cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology also became mainstream.

Q 24. What important benchmark was crossed by Bitcoin recently for the world to sit up and notice ?

Ans. Its market price crossed the price of an ounce of gold

Q 25. If IPOs are initial public offerings what are ICOs ?

Ans. Initial coin offerings of cryptocurrencies

Q 26. What is common to Ethereum, Dash, Ripple, Iota ?

Ans. Different Cryptocurrencies that are competitors to Bitcoins

Sports and Movies

Q 27. After 20 long years of association which brand will no longer be seen in the attire of Australian cricket team ?

Ans. Victoria Bitter

 Q 28. In which film did the Nobel winner Richard Thaler made a cameo appearance as himself ?

Ans. The Big Short

  • Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter @go_mohan




WBQ 2017 Round Up- India

Weekly Business Quizzes have been giving you short business updates on the current news. Most business news based questions have a short shelf-life. Here is a selection of questions which have some relevance as we enter 2018. The text in italics is a commentary, added later.


The year 2017 began with the overhang of demonetization, announced on Nov 8, 2016

Q 1. After introducing Rs 2000 and new Rs 500 currencies, what denomination will RBI introduce shortly ?

Ans. Rs 200

2017 was a boom year for domestic aviation. 

Q 2.  Which are the 5 airlines that have won the rights to operate flights to unserved/underserved airports under UDAN scheme ?

Ans. Air Odisha, Air Deccan, Alliance Air, Spicejet and Turbo Megha

FMCG multinationals devised strategies to counter the growing challenge of Patanjali.

Q 3. Under what brand name will Hindustan Unilever launch FMCG products to take on the challenge of Patanjali ?

Ans. Ayush

The cab aggregators Ola and Uber continued to make waves in India.

Q4. In which city has Ola tied up with Mahindra to launch a pilot project of an electric vehicle network ?

Ans. Nagpur

Indian business houses continued to make efforts to become MNCs, though the bets were smaller.

Q5. After 25 years , a new auto plant has been set up in to Motown of Detroit , USA. Which co has set up this plant ?

Ans. Mahindra and Mahindra

India continued to remain a difficult market for foreign retailers to enter both in terms of policy and competition.

Q6. Wal-Mart is opening its first ‘dark store’ in Bhiwandi, Near Mumbai. What is a dark store and who pioneered this concept ?
Ans. A dark store is a warehouse from where only online customers can pick up their deliveries. Tesco pioneered it in UK


D-Mart showed its capability in devising an Indian model of retailing and was amply rewarded by the stockmarkets, which had a steady growth in 2017.

Q7. Identify this legendary stock market investor who is also the promoter of D-Mart . He had a blockbuster IPO in Avenue Supermarts. 


Ans. Radha Kishan Damani


The usual round of movements in the corner rooms continued. Deveshwar after a stellar stint has appointed a successor.

Q8. Who will take over from Y C Deveshwar as the CEO of ITC Ltd ?

Ans. Sanjiv Puri

Infosys was always in the news due to resignations and appointments.

Q9. Identify this man in the news

Salil parekh

Ans. Salil S. Parekh, the newly appointed CEO of Infosys

2017 was atlast the year govt bit the bullet on GST..

Q 10. Identify this person who has a big role to play in the success of GST

Navin Kumar

Ans. Navin Kumar , Chairman of GSTN


The pressures of marketplace continued to force companies to make strategic deals to acquire, divest , close, merge and reorganise. 

Q 11. To whom has Hindustan Motors sold its iconic brand Ambassador at a consideration of Rs 80 crore ?

Ans. Peugeot

Q 12. Who will be the Chairman of the the new entity formed by the merger of Vodafone & Idea ?

Ans. Kumaramangalam Birla

Government continued to find ingenious ways of divesting their stakes in PSUs without losing control.

Q 13. Which 2 PSU oil firms are likely to be merged by the govt ?

Ans. ONGC and HPCL

Q 14. Star TV’s first music channel was MTV. When they wanted to increase the Indian content, MTV disagreed. So they launched a music channel in 1990s that had a patchy success record. After 20 odd years it is closing down. Name it.

Ans. Channel V


Telecom was an industry that saw a lot of pain in 2017, largely due to the Reliance Jio onslaught.

Q 15. One major source of confrontation between incumbent operators like Airtel and Reliance Jio is IUC. Expand IUC and explain.

Ans. Inter usage charge.   It is the charge one operator has to pay to the other when a call is made from one network to other.

The Tata-Mistry duel though did not occupy much of the news, attempts by the Tata-Chandra team to ring fence Tata Sons and keep Mistry at bay continued.

Q 16. What is the move proposed by Tata Sons to change its corporate legal structure ?

Ans. It proposes to become a private limited company.


India’s rockstar central banker made a guest appearance in connection with his book. His successor remained unheard and unseen right through the year.

Q 17. What is the title of the book written by Raghuram Rajan on his stint as RBI Governor ?

Ans. I do what I do

Hagiographies of business leaders in the name of biographies continued to be written.

Q 18. The Nationalist by Minhaz Merchant is a biography of which business leader ?

Ans. AM Naik


The government’s advertising engine went overdrive after they received a thumbs up from World Bank.

Q 19 . Who compiles the Ease of Doing Business report every year ?In this year’s report India has improved 30 ranks.

Ans. The World Bank Group

India kept making a virtue of their gaps in infrastructure by creating new records, such as this one.

Q20. Which Indian airport recently made a world record of 969 flights in a 24 hour period from a single runway, i.e one flight every 89 seconds ?

Ans. Mumbai’s CSIA

Q 21. Name these 2 brothers who started work in their sister’s firm Ila Arun Publicity in Jaipur as schoolgoers. Now they are advertising legends having won the prestigious Lion of St Marks , a lifetime achievement trophy from Cannes Lions


Ans. Piyush and Prasoon Pandey

Digital payments movement continued to get the focus and also recognition.

Q 22. Along with PM Modi, one more Indian has been named in the Time 100 list of most influential people for the year. Name him

Ans. Vijay Shekhar Sharma of PayTM

Indians got their share as thought leaders in world stage.

Q23. Who are the 3 Indians who have been named by Forbes in the 100 Greatest Living Minds ?

Ans. Ratan Tata, Vinod Khosla and Lakshmi Mittal

ISRO, the source of pride for Indians continued to make records.

Q 24. Connect the company Planetlabs  to ISRO’s recent record breaking achievement of launching maximum number of  satellites 

Ans. Planet Labs had used the ISRO PSLV for launching 88 small satellites called doves which was part of the 104 satellites that made a record

The usually stingy Indian businessmen started opening their wealth for charity with some prod from global icons.

Q25. Nandan and Rohini Nilekani are the latest to sign the Giving Pledge, started by Bill Gates where billionaires Pledge 50 % or more of their wealth to philanthropy. Who are the other Indians who have signed this pledge ? 

Ans. Azim Premji, PNC Menon, Kiran Mazumdar Shaw


The quality of advertisments and TV Commercials remained pretty pedestrian overall with some good ones like Vodafone and some bizarre ones like Trivago.

Q 26. A real life elderly couple VP and Shanta Dhananjayan, who are classical dancers,  are playing a couple on a series of TV commercials having fun during their second honeymoon. Name the brand.


As. Vodafone 4G

Q 27. The Trivago model is often a butt of jokes. He is not a regular model. Name him and what is his day job ?


Ans. Abhinav Kumar, He is the Country Manager for Trivago, India


Virat Kohli kept making records one after the other and topped the year with his marriage. Sindhu and Indian badminton, thanks to Gopichand, started getting serious attention at last.

Q 28. Which sportswear brand has signed a multi year endorsement deal of over 100 cr with Virat Kohli ?

Ans. Puma

Q 29. On teacher’s day which brand released an ad featuring Sindhu and Gopichand with the tagline ” I hate my teacher” ?


Ans. Gatorade


In a year, where most big budget movies flopped save Bahubali -2 and small movies were talked about, last year’s Dangal continued to make news.

Q 30. Which Indian film has become the biggest grosser in China among non-Hollywood films ?

Ans. Dangal

  • Compiled by G.Mohan @go_mohan

Weekly Business Quiz # 402


Q1. Who has acquired the food delivery service co Foodpanda from Delivery Hero ?

Ans. Ola ( ANI Technologies)

Q2. In 1903 Taj Mahal hotel opened to guests with 17 rooms. What was the room tariff back then ?

Ans. Starting from Rs 6

Q3. Who will bear the Merchant Discount Rate ( MDR) for all debit card/ BHIM UPI / AePS transactions up to Rs 2000 for next 2 years in India ?

Ans. Govt of India

q4. Which brand ad featuring Anil Kapoor is asking health conscious customers to say Tata to Tata salt ?

anil kapoor

Ans. Puro Salt


Q5. In the 1930s George Squier formed a company to sell easy to hear music for retail stores , lifts, offices etc and he liked the sound of ‘Kodak’ . What did he name his company ?

Ans. Muzak

Q6. Which internet messaging service launched in 1997 though not a pioneer but the most popular of its time has discontinued after 20 years on Dec 15 , 2017 ?

Ans. AOL Instant Messenger

Q7. Which restaurant chain in US as a rule does not open on Sundays but opens very rarely during an emergency such as recently when due there was a blackout at Atlanta airport and many flights got cancelled ?

Ans. Chick Fil-A

Q8. Frederick Banting was the youngest Nobel Prize winner in medicine for discovery of insulin. During the World War II he worked in a different area. What was his contribution in aviation medicine ?

Ans. G-Suit for pilots to prevent blackouts

Q9. Which prestigious university has raised 1 billion $ through an issue of bonds having a coupon Rate of 2.5 % and 100 year tenor ?

Ans.Oxford University

Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter Indiabusinessquiz@go_mohan