Weekly Business Quiz # 416


Q 1. What subject does Hyderabad based e-learning start-up Indigolearn teach online ?

Ans. Accounts

Q 2. Which PSU will develop and run the e-auction system for PSU disinvestment ?

Ans. MSTC Limited ( formerly, Metal Scrap trading Corp )

Q3. On the occasion of Mother’s day which brand has created this warm fuzzy ad with the tagline #maanahibhoolti ?


Ans. Domino’s pizza


Q4. In which category is Seraphine a big brand ? Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton is one of its loyal customers


Ans. Designer pregnancy clothing

Q5. Which Chinese telecom company is in the eye of the storm between Trump and Chinese govt over supply of equipment and technology to Iran ?

Ans. ZTE

Q6. Name this iconic apparel brand. The first store came up 200 years ago on 7th April 1818 at New York City. It has clothed 40 of the 45 US Presidents. Among many fashions it introduced, buttoned down collar shirts is one.

Ans.  Brooks Brothers

Q7. Rolls Royce has announced its first SUV – Cullinan…Why it is called so ?


Ans. Cullinan diamond is the largest gem quality rough diamond ever found. Rolls Royce has named after it.

Q8. In terms of amount, India was the largest recipient of remittances in the world in 2017. Which country was the highest in terms of remittances as a % of GDP ?

Ans. Kyrgyz Republic
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Weekly Business Quiz # 415


Q 1. Which company markets the brand Duraguard cement that is one of the sponsors of RCB in IPL ?

Ans. Nuvoco Vistas Corp Ltd ( formerly Lafarge India Ltd)

Q2. LOTS wholesale solutions has announced its entry in Indian market in competition with Wal mart and Metro Cash and Carry.  Name the company and the country it belongs to..

Ans. Siam Makro, Thailand.

Q3. Which company has adopted Delhi’s Red Fort under the ‘Adopt a Heritage’ scheme of the Ministry of Tourism, Govt of India ?

Ans. Dalmia Bharat

Q 4. Who has bought the electrical and automation business of L&T ?

Ans. Schneider Electric

Q5. Identify this head honcho and his company


Ans. Manu Kumar Jain of Xiaomi India


Q 6. Which European country has mandated a minimum price for an alcoholic drink to curb consumption ?

Ans. Scotland

Q7. After buying the retail business of Asda from Walmart which company CEO was caught off-guard singing ” We are in the money ”  ?

Ans. Mike Coupe of Sainsbury

Q8. In which category is this company a premium brand ?

7 for all mankind

Ans. Denims

Q9. During meeetings at Amazon, Powerpoint presentations are not allowed. Instead of ppts what is used ?

Ans. A Narrative 4-6 page memo which is given to all the participants. They are given 30 minute to read the document before the real meeting actually begins.

Q 10. Conagra went for a major change. It changed it’s name from Conagra Foods to Conagra brands , it changed its logo. It also shifted its HQ. Where is the new HQ of Conagra ?


Ans. From Omaha to Chicago

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Weekly Business Quiz # 414


Q 1. Which two leading mobile phone towers company in India are going to merge ?

Ans. Bharti Infratel and Indus Towers

Q 2. Who has acquired the e-learning division of Tata Industries, namely Tata Interactive Systems ?

Ans. MPS Ltd ( earlier Macmillan Publishing)

Q 3. ______ the car that built that company is a book written by BVR Subbu. Fill in the blank

Ans. Santro


Q4. For which country’s Central Bank is Raghuram Rajan one of the potential Governors ?

Ans. UK

Q5. In Europe, Whatsapp has revised the minimum age of entry from 13 years. What is the new minimum age ?

Ans. 16 years

Q6. Which leading electronics hardware mfr has announced that it will cap the profit after tax at 5 % for all their products as a company policy ?

Ans. Xiaomi

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Weekly Business Quiz # 413


Q 1. Name the fantasy gaming app running an aggressive ad campaign during IPL founded by Harsh Jain ( son of Anand Jain of Reliance Industries ) and Bhavit Sheth. Apparently, Tencent is keen to invest big in this company

Ans. Dream 11

Q2. What is the 3S philosophy of N.Chandra of Tata Sons for restructuring of businesses under the Tata Group ?

Ans. 3 S stands for simplification, synergy and scale

Q3. Which tech major has launched a lite web browser for Android devices in India called “Internet” ?

Ans. Amazon

Q4. With which well known Indian designer would you associate the brand Balance ?

Ans. Rohit Bal

Q5. Where has Indian Railways set up its new high power electric locomotive factory in a JV with Alstom that was inaugurated by PM recently ?

Ans. Madhepura Bihar

Q6. Which global co owns 100 % of pen mfr Cello Writing Instruments ?

Ans. BiC

Q7. Who is taking over as the Chairman of the industry association NASSCOM ?

Ans. Rishad Premji of Wipro

Q8. Which car manufacturer has a mini-truck named Supercarry that competes with the likes of Tata Ace ?

Ans. Maruti Suzuki Ltd

Q 9. Why has Kerala State Human Rights Commission disallowed state govt employees to bring their children to offices during summer vacations ?

Ans. Disturbance to others and offices are becoming playgrounds


Q 10. Who had David O’Gilvy described as “that odious little jerk” when he heard Ogilvy’s agency was getting acquired by him ?

Ans. Martin Sorrell of WPP

Q 11. The word ‘Ritz’ is closely associated with the hotel industry. Oxford dictionary defines ‘ritzy’ as ‘expensively stylish.’ The word Riz is derived from the name of Cesar Ritz. In which hotel was Mr Ritz a manager in late 19th century where he made big changes ?

Ans. The Savoy Hotel at London

Q 12. 72 % of all the vessels sailing in the oceans have the flag of this country. This country has world’s biggest ship registry. Name the country.

Ans. Panama

Q 13. What unique business model is adopted by companies like Blue Apron in America and HelloFresh in Germany ?

Ans. Meal Kit where ingredients are prepared and recipe is delivered every day at home if you subscribe to their monthly service

Q 14. Name this Japanese e-commerce giant which also has other businesses like credit cards, a travel agency etc. It has recently got a licence to be a mobile operator in Japan. It owns Viber the calling app.

Ans. Rakuten

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Weekly Business Quiz # 412


Q1. Toyota and Suzuki have signed a cross-badging deal for the Indian market . What is cross -badging ?

Ans. Same product under diff brand names. Similar to what Renault and Nissan did with Scala and Sunny, Pulse and Micra.

Q 2. Why is a little known company NuPower Renewables in the news ?

Ans. This is a company floated by Deepak Kochhar, husband of ICICI CEO Chanda Kochhar and this company is being under investigation for investments by Videocon Group

Q3. What connects these five families/ groups profiled in the book “Paiso” – Harilela, Merrimac Ventures, Fabiani family, Lakhi Group and the Embassy Group ?

Ans. Paiso by Maya Bathija is a book on the Sindhis way of doing business

Q4. Which juice brand has launched an attack on other juice brands by saying ‘ say no to concentrates ” ?

Ans. B Natural by ITC

Q5. Under what brand does Delhi based Beltek Canadian Water market a variety of drinks that contain no sugar, no preservatives, no artificial colours ?

Ans. Wild Water

Q6. Which Indian group is running a corporate campaign with the tagline “Big in your Life” ?

Ans. Aditya Birla Group

Q7. What is unique about this brand of cosmetics launched by an Indian start-up ?


Ans. India’s first Vegan cosmetics  ( not tested on animals )


Q8. Identify the Chinese tech billionaire and his co , sharing the stage with Jack Ma of Alibaba.

Ma and Ma

Ans. Ma Huateng of Tencent

Q9. Which airline has revised its 71 year old policy of skirts only for its female attendants bowing to the pressure from the union ?

Ans. Cathay Pacific

Q 10. Which country has launched an advertising blitz on Indian TV with an intriguing tag line ‘ an ocean of timber tales ‘ ?

Ans. Gabon

Q 11. Which country offers e-resident status to people anywhere in the world online without physical presence in that country. This status is better than a visa and lower than a citizenship ?Even Japanese PM and French President have taken it 

Ans. Estonia

Q 12. Recently the Chinese equivalent of Netflix had its IPO in the US. What is it called ?

Ans. iQiYi

Q 13. Why did a young Japanese couple apologise to the employer of the woman because she got pregnant ?

Ans. The Japanese couple apologised for ignoring the timetable at the lady’s workplace by conceiving ‘before her turn’

Q 14. Donald Trump’s hatred for Amazon and Jeff Bezos is quite public . Which govt org does Trump refer as Amazon’s “delivery boy” ?

Ans. United States Postal Service

Q 15. What connects Magellan -a fund manager, Weetabix -a cereals brand and ASICS a sporting goods company ?

Ans. All are sponsors of the Australian cricket teaam that have decided to withdraw their sponsorship after the Australian” sandpapergate” controversy

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Weekly Business Quiz # 411


Q 1. In which category is LG & Co ( Laljee Godhoo & Co) a market leader in India with over 70 % share over the last 100 years ?

Ans. Asafoetida

Q 2, Which celebrity has replaced Ranveer Singh as the new brand ambassador for VIVO smartphones ?

Ans. Aamir Khan

Q3. Which two music streaming services in India have come together recently ?

Ans. Saavn and Jio Music

Q4. Why is Arcelor Mittal keen to dissociate itself as a promoter from Uttam Galva Steel ?

Ans. Arcelor Mittal is keen in acquiring Essar Steel  where it is getting disqualified under IBC because of its promoter status in Uttam Galva, which is a bank defaulter

Q5. Why has govt asked a small company Ovleno Business Intelligence to pull down its web-site ?

Ans. Ovleno is the partner of Cambridge Analytica in India. In its web-site it has given the names of its clients which includes many political parties

Q6. The debt heavy Videocon group has sold its stake in the General Insurance business. In which Indian company did Videocon have a stake ?

Ans. Liberty General Insurance

Q7. Identify the advertiser, here Amitabh Bachchan is playing Raahat Raja in a nautanki and sings an old Bollywood song in his own voice Acapella style ( without any accompaniment )


Ans. Navratna Oil


Q8. Which global brand has launched SNKRS app as a part of its digital strategy of connecting directly with the consumer ?

Ans. Nike

Q9. To whom has Uber sold its business in South-east Asia ?

Ans. Grab

Q10 . In what business is the Cambridge Analytica in ? Why is it in the news ?

Ans. It is a voter-profiling firm and they used data from 50 million Facebook accounts while working for the Trump campaign during the 2016 presidential election.

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Weekly Business Quiz # 410


Q 1. He is the latest Indian to become a billionaire as per Bloomberg. Identify him and his company

Nirmal Jain

Ans. Nirmal Jain, India Infoline

Q 2. To whom has Mukesh Ambani given credit for seeding the idea of Reliance Jio ?

Ans. Isha Ambani, daughter of Mukesh Ambani

Q3. Which Hindi film shot in Ladakh helped increase the number of tourists to Leh from 80,000 in 2009 to 180,000 in 2011 and has stayed at that level since then ?

Ans. 3 Idiots

Q4. What unusual donation in kind was received in the Hundi ( donation box) of Subramanya Swami in Mopidevi, Krishna District ?

Ans. iPhone 6 with all the accessories and warranty card

Q5. Which Indian PSU has set up a training institute on Science of Happiness called Kshemalaya ?

Ans. Steel Authority of India Ltd (SAIL) ahs set up this institute at Ranchi

Q6. Due to engines from which company, civil aviation regulator has grounded all Airbus A 320 Neo planes in India ?

Ans. Pratt and Whitney


Q7. Who will succeed Lloyd Blankfein on the top job at Goldman Sachs ?

Ans. David Solomon

Q8. Which country is No 1 in terms of per capita adoption of electric cars in the world ?

Ans. Norway

Q9. As an 18 year old Steve Jobs had made a job application which was auctioned recently, what special abilities did he mention in that application ?

Ans. Electronics technology and Design Engineer

Q 10. Name this Anglo-Dutch MNC that has decided to move its HQ out of London in view of Brexit

Ans. Unilever

Q 11. There are only 3 European cos among the 35 top tech companies in the world in terms of revenue. Nokia and Ericsson being 2, name the third .

Ans. Schneider Electric

Q 12. Who owns BNSF ( a railway), Precision Castparts ( a engg company) and Lubrizol ( a chemicals business ?

Ans. Berkshire Hathaway of Warren Buffett

Q 13. What is the name of Pakistan’s only beer and spirit maker ?

Ans. Murree Brewery

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