Weekly Business Quiz # 368


Q 1. This is a picture of the founders of a now closed Internet startup in happier times. These founders are being hounded by the creditors. Name the startup.


Ans. Stayzilla

Q2. Which TV channel has paid the highest ever fee of Rs 110 crores for world tv rights of Rajini film 2.0 ?

Ans. Zee TV

Q 3. Identify this couple who are founders of a unicorn e-commerce startup. They are now in news for a dirty spat.


Ans. Sandeep Aggarwala and Radhika Aggarwala of Shopclues

Q 4. Tata trusts have collborated with Dept of Science and Tech, GoI and an MNC to fund socially relevant ventures in India. Name the MNC

Ans. Lockheed Martin

Q5. As per the newly modified law how many weeks of maternity leave is allowed for working women in India ?

Ans. 26 weeks

Q6. Identify this legendary stock market investor who is also the promoter of D-Mart 


Ans. Radha Kishan Damani

Q7. In what business is this Bengaluru based startup that has received funding from Premji Invest ?


Ans. They are into ready to eat foods. Started with idli & dosa batter iD stands for Idli, Dosa


Q8. Budweiser has launched a project called ‘ Bud on Mars ‘. What is it all about ?

Bud on Mars

Ans. Budweiser is looking for a way to develop a micro-gravity beer made to be brewed and drunk on Mars and conduct tests on international space station.

Q9. Identify this founder and his startup, now one of the leaders in businesses based on the sharing economy.


Ans. Brian Chesky of Air BnB

Q 10. Intel has acquired a tech firm called Mobileye for a staggering 15 Bn $. In which area of technology it works and which country it belongs ?

Ans. Self driving cars, Israel

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Weekly Business Quiz # 367


Q 1. Under what brand name does Salman Khan propose to launch a range of smartphones in India ?


Q 2. Which international airline will invest in a 100 ℅ foreign owned airline in India, a first after the change in policy ?

Ans. Qatar Airways

Q3. To whose vision has Renault’s Ghosn given credit for developing small car Renault Kwid ?

Ans. Ratan Tata’s Nano vision

Q 4. Under what brand name has Titan launched women’s ethnic wear ?


Ans. Taneira

Q 5. If S-Cross is from Maruti then from which co is V-Cross a. Toyota B. Isuzu C. Honda D. Nissan ?

Ans. Isuzu

Q 6. Which Hyderabad based OTC medicine was the first ever brand endorsed by former Indian captain Mohd Azharuddin ?

Ans. Zinda Tilismath


Q7. What technology was used by California based Feetz to design and make a size 28 shoes for Broc Brown who suffers from Sotos syndrome ?

Ans. 3D- printing

Q8. Which model of phone is being relaunched as ‘detox phone’ by HMD Global ?

Ans. Nokia 3310

Q9. Who does the advertising co WPP’s CEO Martin Sorrell fear most Google, Facebook or Amazon ?

Ans. Amazon because of the data it is collecting from consumers

Q 10. What important benchmark was crossed by Bitcoin recently for the world to sit up and notice ?

Ans. Its market price crossed the price of an ounce of gold

Q 11. Identify these two billionaires and their co which had a successful IPO recently ?


Ans. Evan Spiegel and Bob Murphy

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Weekly Business Quiz # 366


Q 1. Why are local brands of soft drinks in TN like Bovonto, Torino and Kali Mark seeing a big jump in their sales ?

Ans. Ban by retailers of MNC brands like Coke, Pepsi

Q2. ‘ Hard work is more powerful than ____ ‘ said Modi taking a dig at economists who criticised Demonetisation. Fill in the blank

Ans. Harvard

Q3. Which crowd funding site was used by friends of Srinivas Kochibotla, who was killed in Kansas city, to help his family ?

Ans. GoFundMe

Q4. There are more than 20 car mfrs in India. Yet only 2 cos figure in the top 10 models sales by numbers. Name them.

Ans. Maruti Suzuki and Hyundai

Q5. Which 2 PSU oil firms are likely to be merged by the govt ?

Ans. ONGC and HPCL

Q6. In telecom sector after Reliance Jio launch consolidation is happening fast. Which smaller player is being acquired by Bharti Airtel ?

Ans. Telenor

Q7. Which sportswear brand has signed a multi year endorsement deal of over 100 cr with Virat Kohli ?

Ans. Puma


Q8. Name the brand promoted by Chinese businessman Jia Yueting after an aggressive camapign for their TV and mobiles is withdrawing from India

Ans. LeEco

Q9. Which accounting firm that handles the Oscar back end processes has owned up for the error of opening the wrong envelope for best picture ?

Ans. PwC

-Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter handle @go_mohan

Weekly Business Quiz # 365


Q 1. Who was the issuer of the fake 2000 rs currency note that came out of an SBI ATM at Sangam Bihar, New Delhi ?


Ans. Children Bank of India

Q 2. How much salary cut have the Snapdeal founders taken in order to express the seriousness of the losses and job cuts ?

Ans. 100 %

Q 3. What is Bharat QR and name the cos who have developed it ?


Ans. It is a simple payment mechanism using QR code , developed by Mastercard, Visa and NPCI

Q4. Zoom Air , a regional airline started commercial operations in Feb 15th. From which city to which city did it make its inaugural flight. ?

Ans. Delhi to Durgapur via Kolkata

Q5. Connect this company to ISRO’s recent record breaking achievement


Ans. Planet Labs had used the ISRO PSLV for launching 88 small satellites called doves which was part of the 104 satellites that made a record

Q6. Which company has sued the makers of Jolly LLB 2 because it shows their brand of footwear as a downmarket brand ?

Ans. Bata



Q7. Name the renowned Economist who was the youngest Economics Nobel winner at 51. He died recently at the age of 95.

Ans. Kenneth Arrow

Q8. Name the PE firm that is seen behind Kraft Heinz making a proposal to acquire Unilever. This firm also was behind the ABInBev consolidation.

Ans. 3 G capital

Q9. In which product category is Ivanka Trump’s brands No 1 and No 2 in sales at Amazon after her father’s victory ?

Ans. Perfumes

Q 10. By virtually selling stock of which retailer has Warren Buffet signalled the end of organised big retail ?

Ans. Wal-Mart

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Weekly Business Quiz # 364


Q 1.Which group has won the bid to build and operate the Navi Mumbai International Airport ?

Ans. GVK Group

Q 2. Who is the new celebrity face for Tetley green tea ?

Ans. Sourav Ganguly

Q3. She is the first ever woman director of an IIM. Name her and the IIM she has been selected for.


Ans. Neelu Rehmotra , IIM Sirmaur

Q4. identify this businessman/ HR consultant turned politician , now in news


Ans. K.Pandiarajan of Ma Foi Consultants

Q5. To whom has Hindustan Motors sold its iconic brand Ambassador at a consideration of Rs 80 crore ?

Ans. Peugeot

Q6. Who has been appointed by the govt as the new Chairman of SEBI ?

Ans. Ajay Tyagi, IAS

Q7. With which celebrity would you associate the company Saraswati Audio Visuals Pvt Ltd ( now merged with another entity) ?

Ans. Jaya Bachchan


Q8. What does Jack Ma’s 30-30-30 advice for business mean ?

Ans. Pay attention to next 30 years, 30 year olds and companies with less than 30 employees.

Q9. Who owns the bottled water brand AQUARIUS ?

Ans. Coca Cola Company

Q 10.Reckitt Benckiser has acquired Mead Johnson. What are the major products of Mead Johnson.


Ans. Baby food

  • Compiled by G.Mohan @go_mohan

Weekly Business Quiz # 363


Q 1. Vikram Limaye has been appointed as one of the BCCI administrators. He is the MD of which finance company ?

Ans. IDFC Ltd

Q2. Which denim brand is associated with India’s first Blue film Festival ?

Ans. Spykar

Q3. Connect the following – an agarbatti brand, a model of an Indian car brand that is no longer in production and the incident involving filmmaker Sanjay Leela Bhansali ?

Ans. Padmini

Q4. As per Delhi High Court order footwear with back strap is classified as

A. Chappal    B. sandal     C. Shoe    D. Flip-flop

Ans. B. Sandal

Q5. Which car brand is using a contrarian approach by using celebrities who play villainous roles in movies and TV to break prejudices ?

Ans. Ford

Q6. Who will take over from Y C Deveshwar as the CEO of ITC Ltd ?

Ans. Sanjiv Puri


Q7. What promise has Starbucks CEO Schulz made as a mark of protest against the immigration ban order of Trump admin ?

Ans. Hiring 10,000 refugees in the next 5 years

Q8. Trump admin has issued executive order. Immigration from 7 countries have been stopped. Steve Jobs’ father was an immigrant from which one ?

Ans. Syria

Q9. The Hollywood movie The Founder is a biopic of which entrepreneur and his company ?

Ans. Ray Kroc , McDonalds

  • Compiled by G.Mohan @go_mohan 


Weekly Business Quiz # 362


Q 1. Identify the advertiser…


Ans. Asian Paints

Q2. Nitesh Tiwari the director of this year’s big hit Dangal was the Chief Creative officer of a well known ad agency.. Name the agency

Ans. Leo Burnett

Q3. Identify the three brothers and their corporate roles


Ans. N G Subramanian, COO TCS, N Srinivasan Group Finance Director, Murugappa Group and N Chandrasekharan Chairman designate Tata Sons

Q4. What is Google’s project in India internally called Project Nilgiri ?

Ans. Free wi-fi in railway stations

Q5. Which major tyre co got established in Kerala when Kerala CM Achyut Menon approached Raunaq Singh at a drinks party in Kerala House, Delhi ?

Ans. Apollo Tyres


Q6. Camel has changed hands. Who has acquired the company that makes Camel and other cigarettes ?

British American Tobacco ( BAT)

Q7. Why is the fix in a software often called a ‘patch’ ?

Ans. Historically, software suppliers distributed patches on paper tape or on punched cards, expecting the recipient to cut out the indicated part of the original tape (or deck), and patch in (hence the name) the replacement segment.

Q8. What was started by Jimmy Wales and Larry Sanger on January 16, 2001 ?

Ans. Wikipedia

Q9. Name the two big brands one from Italy and another from France that are merging to become a global eyewear giant

Ans. Luxottica and Essilor

Q10. What is the new name for the investment part of Yahoo that has not been sold to Verizon ?

Ans. Altaba

Q11. This factory, the oldest manufacturing unit in England that made the American Liberty bell, Big Ben etc will stop its operations after 400 + years. Name it

Ans. Whitechapel Bell Foundry

Q12. Under what well known brand name has Finnish company HMD Global launched a smart phone in China recently ?

Ans. Nokia

Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter@go_mohan