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Weekly Business Quiz # 447


Q 1. The Chinook is a multi-role, vertical-lift platform, which is used for transporting troops, artillery, equipment and fuel. The first shipment of 4 helicopters was received recently. IAF will soon induct these helicopters. Who is the supplier/ manufacturer of Chinooks ?


Ans. Boeing Vertol

Q 2. Chalet Hotels which had an IPO belongs to which real estate group ?

Ans. K.Raheja Group

Q 3. With which business group would you associate the brand Reid and Taylor that has been ordered to be liquidated by the NCLT after bidders could not come up with a viable revival plan ?

Ans. S.Kumar’s

Q 4. Fiat Chrysler is completely withdrawing its FIAT brand from the Indian market. What brand would they focus on in India ?

Ans. Jeep

Q 5. Duke’s soda a popular regional brand, now part of Pepsico, was started by Dinshawji Pandole in the year 1889. Why did he name it Duke’s ?


Ans. Dinshawji Pandole was a cricketer and had travelled to England as a part of Parsi Eleven team. He had success with the Duke’s ball, so named the soda after the Duke’s ball.

Q6. Which term given below best describes the business of the following listed companies in India QUESS Corp, SIS India, TeamLease ?.

Ans. Temp staffing services

Q7. The beleagured Essel Group has a mutual fund which it wants to disinvest to meet its debt obligations. Which mutual fund had Essel acquired in 2016 to enter this business ?

Ans. Peerless Mutual Fund

Q8. Where has the local govt started a campaign called ‘Tera Mera Beach’  where in return for depositing waste cleaned in the beach, the citizens can get beer or cocktail based on an approved exchange chart ?

Ans. Goa

Q9. SEBI has recently come out with revised guidelines for ETFs and Index Funds. By capping the Maximum exposure to 35 % for one stock and 65 % for top 3 stocks, what risk is being addressed ?

Ans. Concentration risk


Q 10. As the labour market gets tightened in US, the power of employees is increasing. If candidates do not turn up for interviews, do not join on the first day without info, stop attending work without informing . What is this act called ? It has come from online dating space..

Ans. Ghosting

Q 11. Gerald Cotten, the founder and administrator of Quadriga , a Canadian cryptocurrency exchange died suddenly in India while volunteering at an orphanage. His sudden death has caused a loss of over 100 Mn $ in cryptocurrencies. How ?

Ans. The cryptocurrencies were in a computer outside the network , called cold storage. Only Gerald had the password to this computer. With his death these cryptocurrencies are lost .

Q 12. In the year 2018, among the FAANG companies which had the highest revenue growth rate ?

Ans. Facebook

Q 13. What is the new name of the enterprise software services company formed by the merger of HPE’s erstwhile EDS division and CSC ?


Ans. DXC Technology

Q 14.. The shares of video game makers like Electronic Arts, Activision Blizzard have declined over 40 % since 2018 June. Take-Two’s share prices have also declined by 22 %. The analysts are all attributing this to one reason , a free-to-play game that was launched in late 2017. Name it

Ans. Fortnite : Battle Royale

Q 15. The Italian town of Locana in the northern Piedmont region is looking to pay people to move there. It will pay 9000 euros over 3 years. What is the main condition to avail this scheme ?

Ans. Have a baby in the town within the next 3 years

Q 16. Cognizant has announced a change in leadership. Brian Humphries will take over from Francisco D’Souza from April 1. Currently where is Brian employed ?

Ans. Vodafone

Q 17. Out of the following which of the fast food chains is NOT owned by Yum Brands ?

A. Taco Bell         B. KFC

C. Burger King     D. Pizza Hut 

Ans. C . Burger King

Q 18. Which social networking company has just launched a Live video broadcasting feature in its network ? Currently, this is by invitation in US only

Ans. LinkedIn

Q 19. In which country there was/is a practice of women giving chocolates to men in the workplace on Valentine’s day. This is being resisted by women and some companies are also banning it 

Ans. Japan , this chocolate is called “obligation chocolate” , as it is seen as being forced on the women

Q 20. Increasingly desktop software to enterprises will be delivered through a ‘peer-assisted”  technology mode, Explain ‘peer-assisted” technology

Ans. In “peer-assisted” solutions , once the update is delivered to a single PC within an office, software that is resident on it will allow it to distribute the update to its peers without the need to go back each time to the distributing server.

  • Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter handle Indiabusinessquiz@go_mohan 

Weekly Business Quiz # 446


Q 1 . Identify this old film where Deepti Naval plays a door-to-door saleswoman for Chamko detergents 



Ans.  Chasme Buddoor

Q 2. A well known quiz master.and sports organiser is the CEO of Pro Volleyball league that is co-owned by Volleyball Federation of India and Baseline Ventures. Name him

Ans. Joy Bhattacharjya

Q 3. Which are the 3 banks that RBI has moved out of the Prompt Corrective Action Framework allowing them to do normal business ?

Ans. Bank of India, Bank of Maharashtra and Oriental Bank of Commerce

Q 4. What connects Tri-Valley University in 2010, Herguan University in 2012 and University of Farmington in 2019 ?

Ans. These are all fake universities in US that were involved in student visa fraud involving Indians

Q 5. Where has government set up the first GI store in India ?

Ans. Panjim Airport,Goa

Q 6. As Industry Minister, George Fernandes in 1978 forced MNCs to dilute their stake. IBM refused to get an Indian partner . There were over 800 computer installations of IBM then. Which PSU became operational ( though created earlier in 1975) to maintain these computers ?

Ans. CMC Limited , which got privatised and is now a part of TCS

Q7. When George Fernandes ( RIP ) became Industry Minister under the Janata Party govt in 1977, he forced multinationals to leave India. Coca Cola was one of them. Which brand of Cola was launched by the govt to fill the gap left by Coke ?

Ans. Double Seven Cola

Q8. Who is the Digital Innovation partner of Tennis Australia since 2018 Sept . If you had watched AO 2019 closely, you would have seen logo of this company

Ans. Infosys


Q9. Identify this woman. She passed away recently at the age of 101. She was a qualified Architect who brought research & planning to interior design. She is credited with the concept of ‘open plan offices’ and bringing art to offices since 1960s. Womb chair was her other innovation


Ans. Florence Knoll Bassett

Q 10. Gabrielle Reilly’s video where she wears her Air Pods as ear rings has gone viral partly because it solves a practical problem of losing in a cool way. What does she call them ?

air rings

Ans. Airrings

Q 11 Nike and Gillette are being cited as examples of ‘Woke’ capitalism ? What is woke capitalism ?

Ans. These companies came out with ad  campaigns trying to address social issues while also furthering their brands… Nike’s “believe in something” and Gillette’s “is this the best a man can get” campaigns invoking social issues

Q 12. Identify this person who is becoming a cult figure thanks to Netflix


Ans. Marie Kondo whose advise on how to keep one’s house tidy has gone viral

Q 13. India surpassed Japan to become the No 2 steel producer in the world in 2018. China is # 1 and is way ahead of India. What is the production share of China in the world ?

Ans. 51 %

Q 14. What is the name given by Microsoft to a collection of software for enterprises consisting of Power BI, Power BI and Flow that will sit on top of the Windows Azure ?

Ans. Microsoft Power Platform

Q 15. Identify this person who has been named as the CEO of Intel. He is only the 7th CEO in its 50 year history . He is an outsider and not a semi-conductor veteran.

bob swan

Ans. Robert Swan

Q 16. Appliances and gadgets sold and made in UK used to have CE mark common to whole of Europe . How is UK preparing for a ‘No deal’ Brexit ?

Ans. UKCA for United Kingdom Conformity Assessed

  • Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter @go_mohan 

Weekly Business Quiz # 445


Q 1. In the salad days of computer training business, NIIT and Aptech were bitter rivals. Now Barings equity is going to bring their IT services arm together. Explain.

Ans. Barings Equity already owns Heaxaware Technologies, a company that was promoted by Aptech Founder. Barings is likely to buy NIIT Technologies and merge it with Hexaware..

Q 2. Infosys has received a large order from Income Tax deptt to upgrade the IT Returns processing. After the upgrade the returns processing time will reduce from 63 days to ?

Ans. 1 day

Q3. Sanjay Tripathi will be directing the biopic of which business leader ?

Ans. N R Narayana Murthy

Q4. Which IIT is going to offer a B.Tech in Artificial Intelligence from next academic session ?

Ans. IIT Hyderabad

Q5. Who is the sponsor of the book ‘Peerless Minds’ by Pritish Nandy and Tapan Chaki, where 30 Indians have been interviewed , published by Harper Collins ?

Ans. Peerless Group

Q6. An international Film with Dev Patel, Anupam Kher etc is releasing in March on the 26/11 Mumbai terror attack, what is it called ?

Ans. Hotel Mumbai

Q7. Which 5 star hotels chain has started a chain of hotels in mid-market segment on leased properties under the brand name ‘Zone” ?

Ans. The Park

Q8. Subroto Bagchi, N S Parthasarathy, Krishna Kumar Natarajan , Rostow Ravanan are promoters of which IT company ?

Ans. Mindtree Ltd

Q9. What was the reason cited by SEBI to reject the L & T buyback proposal ?

Ans. After the buyback the combined debt of L & T and its subsidiaries will exceed 2 : 1 , beyond which is not allowed as per SEBI guidelines

Q10. Textiles Ministry has announced that there will soon be a ‘Size India ‘ . What is Size India ?

Ans. India specific standardized ‘Size’ Chart of Garments and Textiles like in UK, USA & Europe through ‘Size India’ Project.

Q 11. Based on SEBI defined criteria , 7 companies have been upgraded from mid-cap to large cap from January 2019 onwards. As per this, which companies are classified as large caps ?

Ans, First 100 companies in terms of market capitalisation

Q 12. Which French dairy major has acquired the dairy businesses Tirumala Dairy , Anik dairy and now Prabhat Dairy ?

Ans. Lactalis

Q 13. Where is the Pravasi Bharatiya Divas being held this year , starting on January 22nd  ?

Ans. Varanasi

Q 14. Which company markets the toothpaste brand Glisters ?

Ans. Amway

Q 15. Ravneet Gill has been appointed as the CEO of Yes Bank. Prior to this he was the CEO of which bank ?

Ans. Deutsche Bank

Q 16. What is the current status of Arun Jaitley ?

Ans. He is currently a Union Minsiter without portfolio , as he is undergoing treatment abroad

Q 17. Which views site after appearing first in the digital media will now appear as a weekly printed version from January 26 , 2019 ?

Ans. Firstpost

Q 18. The genial and avuncular uncle Mahashay Dharam Pal Gulati who appears in his own advertisements for MDH masala has been honoured by the govt with a Padma award . What award has he been conferred ?

Ans. Padma Bhushan

Q 19. With which company would you associate the brands Medimix and Cuticura ?

Ans. Cholayil

Q 20. What is the name given to the superfast Delhi- Varanasi train that will have the first of the Made In India – Train 18  ?


Ans. Vande Bharat express

Q 21 . ICMR and Pfizer are running a public service campaign AMR, which they are calling’ Aao Milkar Rokein ‘ What is the technical full form of AMR ?

Ans. Anti-microbial resistance , i.e resistance to antibiotics

Q 22. Which newspaper completes 25 years on January 28, 2019 ?

Ans. The Hindu Businessline


Q 23. Which company has been voted the Most Admired Company in US as per the Fortune magazine ?

Ans. Apple

Q 24. Identify this woman who developed the first compiler, the words ‘bug’ and ‘debugging’ were popularised by her. Her biggest contribution was COBOL language that celebrates 60 years this year. Name this admirable computer scientist .


Ans. Grace Hopper

Q 25. Who is the Digital Innovation partner of Tennis Australia since 2018 September ? . If you had watched AO 2019 closely, you would have seen logo of this company 

Ans. Infosys

Q 26. Why has the hedge fund Man Group decided to withdraw its sponsorship of the Booker prize which it had been sponsoring for the last 18 years ?

Ans . Due to comments by the author Sebastian Faulks that hedge funds like Man were the ‘enemy”

Q 27. In China, two companies have introduced ‘dating leave” of eight days extra leave for certain type of employees . Who are eligible for such a leave ?

Ans. Single female employees over 30 years

Q 28. Due to the partial government shutdown in US over 380,000 workers have been furloughed . What does ‘furloughed’ mean ?

Ans. Allowed or forced someone to be absent temporarily from work.

Q 29. As per Brand Finance, which company is the most valued IT services brand globally ?

Ans. Accenture

Q 30. What term has been popularised by business theorist and social scientist Shoshana Zuboff that describes the form of capitalism practised by Google and Facebook ?

Ans. Surveillance Capitalism

Q 31. What is persistency ratio in the insurance industry ?

Ans. Persistency ratio measures how well an insurer has been able to retain customers and is measured in terms of renewals of policies both in volume and value

Q 32. What rule implemented by Whatsapp first in India in July 2018 has been enforced globally now ?

Ans. Limit the forwards to 5 contacts per message

Q 33. As per a study, the average song length has reduced by 30 secs compared to the songs of five years ago. What is the main reason attributed for this reduction ?

Ans. The streaming services like Spotify pay based on per song rather than length of the song

Q 34. 20 years ago, on Jan 20, 1999 this product was released. We saw its stupendous rise and fall. How did we popularly know this device and its subsequent release ?


Ans. Blackberry

Q 35. Among the following American social media sites which is NOT blocked in China ?

A. Facebook     B. Linkedin

C. Twitter          D.  YouTube
Ans. LinkedIn

Q 36. Which airline released an ad which said even though Americans may not outwardly say they like Mexico, they already are a little Mexican in their DNA , so they did DNA test and based on the % give discounts to fly from US to Mexico ?

Ans. Aeromexico

Q 37. Which brand’s latest TV commercial has generated debate and sparked backlash from several of the brand’s consumers when it says ‘is this the best a man can get ‘ ?

Ans. Gillette

Q 38. We’re all out of hamberders. Just serving hamburgers today’ tweeted Burger King… What is the source of the word hamberders ?

Ans. Donald Trump tweeted a typo spelling hamburgers as hamberders

Q 39. As per Netflix , as mentioned in their letter to shareholders , who is their biggest threat ?

Ans. Fortnite

Q 40. John C Bogle died recently. He was the founder of Vanguard group. What trend did he pioneer that has become huge worldwide ?


Ans. Index Funds

  • Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter @go_mohan

Weekly Business Quiz # 444


Q 1. Which housing finance company will be merging with Bandhan Bank through a share swap deal ?

Ans. Gruh Finance

Q 2. Which is the first port Indian govt  will operate outside India ?

Ans. Chabahar Port in Iran

Q 3. The Union Govt will be bringing a constitutional amendment to reserve 10 % of jobs and seats in higher education for economically weaker section among forward castes. What is the annual income being fixed for defining EWS ? 

Ans. Below Rs 8 lakhs p.a

Q 4. Who has been declared a Fugitive Economic Offender, a first under the act, by the Bombay High Court last week ?

Ans. Vijay Mallya

Q 5. Who has been appointed as the Chairman of the RBI’s committee on digital payments ?

Ans. Nandan Nilekani

Q 6. With which company would you associate the Zoodles , a chain of Chinese QSR outlets and Dariole , a baked goods and coffee chain ?

Ans. Speciality Restaurants Ltd

Q7. This NIT- Calicut IIM – B grad from a humble background is making waves with his startup in the food business. Name this entrepreneur and his company


Ans. P.C.Mustafa , iD Fresh, the company that makes and supplies idli, dosa dough, paneer and now filter coffee decoction

Q8. What is the main source of conflict between the government backed Khadi and Village Industries Commission and the upmarket ethnic retailer Fabindia ?

Ans. Use of the word khadi by Fabindia in their promotion

Q 9. Which politician is bringing a Private Member’s Bill in the Indian parliament that will allow employees to reject phone calls and e-mails after office hours and in weekends ? This is with an aim bring about employee welfare and restore work-life balance

Ans. Supriya Sule of NCP

Q 10. Interstate sale of vegetables is now happening due to e-NAM. Tomatoes from Uttarakhand are sold to UP traders and cauliflowers grown by UP farmers are sold to Uttarakhand traders. Expand e-NAM

Ans. Electronic – National Agricultural Market

Q 11. Ardh Kumbh Mela is starting from Jan 15th at Prayagraj. It is a great test ground for test marketing and sampling of new products and ideas. Which brand of toothpaste is offering ‘dant snaan’ through toothpaste dispensers spread widely in the mela ?

Ans. Dabur Red

Q 12. Which brand of terry towels known more for its exports is launching a mass market product Quickdry towel with the tagline ” Towel jo jaldi sookhe aur jaldi sookhaye ” ?

Ans. Welspun

Q 13. In which fast growing product/ service category connects these startups Beardo, Ustraa, Let’s shave, The Man Company ?

Ans. Men’s grooming products like shaving cream, beard gel, trimmers etc

Q 14. Meera Sanyal, banker , Politician , author RIP. Before joining politics she was chairperson of which bank ?


Ans. RBS Bank

Q 15. Which Indian business group that has management control over the Eveready Industries is considering sale of stake ?

Ans. Williamson Magor Group

Q 16. Which brokerage has become India’s leading broker during the period April to Dec 2018 ?

Ans. Zerodha

Q 17. International Advertising Association for the first time has an Indian President, . Srinivas Swamy of RK Swamy Hansa Group. He has managed to get the 44th World Congress to India. Where is it being held from Feb 20- 22 in India ?

Ans. Kochi

Q 18. Toyota and Suzuki have entered into a cross-badging alliance under which Toyota will make minor modifications to a Maruti Suzuki model and sell , similarly Maruti would sell a Toyota model under a new name . Which models will be cross-badged first in India ?

Ans. Baleno of Maruti and Corolla of Toyota

Q 19. The GST Council has recommended that the threshold for small businesses to be registered for GST be increased from a revenue of Rs 20 lakhs per annum to ?

Ans. Rs 40 lakhs per annum

Q 20. Which humble vegetable gets reviled in the Uber Eats campaign urging young people to explore other options when that vegetable is on the table ?

Ans. Tinda

Q 21. For his name in which scam has the NSE Chairman Ashok Chawla resigned ?

Ans. Aircel-Maxis deal

Q 22. India’s aviation industry is growing at over 15 % p.a. Most airlines are adding new routes and frequency in domestic and international routes. They are also adding planes. What is the total no of planes with Indian airlines approx.

Ans. 645 planes

Q 23. Indian car market became the 3rd largest in volume terms in 2018. Which country did it displace to become No 3 ?

Ans. Germany

Q 24. Who has received the first ever Philip Kotler Presidential Award ?

Ans. Narendra Modi

Q 25. Which new social network calls itself ‘ The social network by women, for everyone’ ?

Ans. Bumble

Q 26. Given below is today’s Google Doodle. To whom does it dedicate it and what was the man’s contribution ?

sake dean

Ans. Sake  Dean Mahomed… first Indian to publish a book in English, founder of Hindoostanee Coffee House in England, Introduced the concept of shampoo to British


Q 27. What is the significance of the ‘egg’ in this topical advt from Durex ?


Ans. The picture of egg has become the most liked picture on Instagram , surpassing Kylie Jenner

Q 28. Slack the SanFrancisco based co that makes enterprise internal messaging and content sharing software is going for a Direct IPO soon. Spotify did a direct IPO last year. What is a ‘Direct IPO’ ?

Ans. A direct IPO means it does not use any underwriters or merchant bankers to market the issue or pre-book the issue

Q 29. What is the name of the free but ad supported video streaming service launched by Amazon owned IMDB ? It is available in US only

Ans, iMDB Freedive

Q 30. Jeff Bezos and his wife Mackenzie announced their divorce after 25 years of marriage. Where did Jeff met his wife ?

Ans. At D.E .Shaw where they worked .

Q 31 . What is the new name of the Softbank backed company ‘WeWork’ known for providing co-working spaces for companies ?

Ans. We Company

Q 32 . Identify this new logo of an old brand


Ans. Mastercard

Q 33. CES, earlier known as Consumer Electronics Show is the premier trade show for products in this industry. Where is it held every year in January ?

Ans. Las Vegas , USA

  • Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter @go_mohan 

Weekly Business Quiz # 443


Q 1. Morbi in Gujarat was the town known for being the hub of clocks manufacturing, now which industry overshadows the clock industry in Morbi ?

Ans. Ceramic Tiles

Q 2. In the 3 way merger between Bank of Baroda, Vijaya Bank and Dena Bank which bank’s equity will get expanded by issuing shares to the other banks’ shareholders ?

Ans. Bank of Baroda shares will be issued to shareholders of Vijaya Bank and Dena Bank

Q3. Which Indian banker calls the late Ramakant Achrekar his cricket guru ? He had to leave cricket after a head injury ?

Ans. Uday Kotak

Q4.  Under what section of Companies Act, did NCLT allow govt of India to open the financial accounts of last 5 years of ILFS and subsidiaries ?

Ans. U/s 130 of the Companies Act

Q5.  For a brief time last week which Indian conglomerate’s market capitalisation became the highest, surpassing the Tata Group ?

Ans. HDFC Group

Q6. SEBI has approved side-pocketing in mutual funds. What does it mean ?

Ans. Separation of bad or risky assets into a separate scheme in debt mutual funds

Q7. The new e-commerce policy announced by govt will benefit whom the most ?

Ans. The new policy is expected to benefit the offline retailers most

Q8. In which state are 15 miners trapped inside a coal mine since December 13 ?

Ans. Meghalaya

Q9. Which company will be assembling iphones in India in 2019 on behalf of Apple ?

Ans. Foxconn in Tamil Nadu

Q 10. Cabinet has cleared the Gaganyaan project in which 3 Indians will go to space by 2022. What is the budget ?

Ans. Rs 10,000 crore

Q 11. In the year 2018 which asset class would have given you the best return ?

A. Equity     B. Gold        C. Debt MFs        D. Bank FDs

Ans. Bank FDs

Q 12. Hyundai will launch a sporty premium hatchback named Veloster next year. How many doors would it have ?

Ans. 3 doors . One big door on driver side and 2 on the other side

Q 13. Who has been appointed by govt to head the committee to make the Economic Capital Framework of RBI ?

Ans. Bimal Jalan, former RBI Governor

Q 14. HUL is facing charges of profiteering under GST. What is profiteering in the context of GST ?

Ans.T he benefits of GST Rate cut are not passed on to the consumers.

Q 15. In which category is the company Studds Accessories Ltd a market leader in India ?

Ans. Helmets


Q 16. In what business is the Beijing based BITMAIN ?

Ans. Cryptocurrency chips

Q 17. Name the Indian American who is slated to take over as the President and CEO of Federal Express worldwide from January 2019

Ans. Rajesh Subramaniam

Q 18. Who has replaced Hillary Clinton as the most admired American woman in the Gallup poll of Americans ?

Ans. Michelle Obama

Q 19. Identify this airline industry icon who passed away at 87 recently . RIP


Ans. Herb Kelleher of South West Airlines

Q 20.  Name this 90 year old Canadian billionaire who started life as a used car salesman and runs a string of John Deere dealerships now and other businesses. He still drives his own pick-up truck. 


Ans. Jim Pattison

Q 21. Cambridge dictionary has selected ‘nomophobia’ as the word of 2018. It means ‘fear’ of ? 

Ans. Nomophobia is the irrational fear of being without your mobile phone or being unable to use your phone for some reason, such as the absence of a signal or running out of minutes or battery power.

Q 22. When a company’s share price is ‘under water’ what does it mean ?

Ans. When the share price falls below the IPO price at which it was issued

  • Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter @go_mohan 

Guest Business Quiz # 17

India Business Quiz is happy to present a business quiz from a new guest  quiz master – Anshuman Srivastava *

Q 1. Kim Casali was a New Zealand cartoonist who created the syndicate cartoon feature (X),originally as love notes to her future husband, in late 1960s. They were published in booklets in the late 1960s before appearing in strip form in a newspaper in 1970, under the pen name Kim. (X) came into popular culture again with the advent of social media. Identify (X).


Ans. Love Is cartoons

Q 2. (X) brand of vodka is partially owned and endorsed by (Y). (X)features in hit music videos of (Y) “Rain over me ” and “Give me everything tonight”. Identify (X)and (Y). 


Ans– X- Voli vodka  Y- Pitbull

Q3. This text appeared as an advertisement in The Saturday Evening Post on January 02,1915. It is the most famous creation of adman Theodore McManus created for Cadillac motors. Which piece of text is being referred here ?


Ans. – The Penalty of Leadership

Q4. Designer Joseph Platt made this famous design in the year 1933. This design is small but so powerful that it differentiates product of a famous stationery brand from the rest. Which design feature is attributed to him ?


Ans.–Arrow clips on Parker Pens

Q5. Pocketsize paperback books were started by publisher Simon & Schuster. They were called Pocketbooks. This improved readership of many old classics. Which novel got the tag Pocket Book #1.


Ans.Lost Horizon by James Hilton.

Q6. John Casado and Tom Hughes designed this logo for (X) popularly known as (Y) logo for distinctive style of strokes and colors of artist (Y), but as per the designers they were inspired by drawing style of Henri Matisse.Identify (X) and (Y).


Ans.  XApple Macintosh logo  Y – Picasso

Q7. Name this automobile designed by C.R. van den Brink and H.M. Kroonen, unveiled at the Geneva auto show in 2007. This carried a hefty price tag of $35,000+


Ans. – Carver One

Q8. Which tree is depicted on the logo of First national bank of south Africa.


Ans. – Acacia

Q9. Hank Ketcham created famous cartoon character Dennis The Menace in 1950s. Many years later, he wrote his memoirs with a title seemingly a pun on name of a play by William Shakespeare.What was the title of his memoirs?


Ans. The Merchant of Dennis (The Menace)

Q 10. Naomi Parker Fraley was a female worker on Naval Air Station in California. She inspired wartime poster made by J. Howard Miller in 1943 for Westinghouse Electric as an inspirational image to boost worker morale. How do we better know this work and Ms Fraley ?


Ans. –(a) We Can Do It posters,  (b) Rosie The Riveter

  • The  quiz is compiled by Anshuman Srivastava. Anshuman works with NTPC Ltd. as DGM(Corp . Plng.) at HQ in New Delhi . He has a keen interest in quizzing as a way of learning and sharing . He has  has won many quizzes including NTPC’s in-houe quiz competition Medha Pratiyogita 4 times. 






Weekly Business Quiz # 442


Q 1. PM Modi inaugurated the longest rail – road bridge in India called Bogibeel bridge on Dec 25 2018 . Over which river is this bridge ?

Ans. Brahmaputra

Q 2. Who has acquired the controlling stake in the Max healthcare chain of hospitals that will make the combined entity the largest hospital chain in North India ?

Ans. Radiant healthcare through KKR

Q 3. Which retail group has launched its Retail 3.0 strategy that combines digital and bricks and mortar and calls it the TATHASTHU model ?

Ans. Future Group

Q 4. In the recently released big budget Kannada and other language Film KGF , what does G stand for ?

Ans. Gold …KGF stands for Kolar Gold Fields

Q5. Name this 83 year old brand that represents the handloom weavers of Tamil Nadu. It has seen a remarkable turnaround under a new leadership in the last 4 years.

Ans. Co-optex

Q6. As per a recent report from the delivery service Swiggy’s which dish was the most ordered item by Indians in the last one year ?

Ans. Chicken Biryani

Q7. SEBI has announced that they will soon come out with a ‘sandbox’ policy. What is a ‘sandbox’ ?

Ans. The Sandbox policy will allow companies to test products in a closed environment, a particular geography or among a set of users, before they are allowed roll out commercially meeting all regulations.

Q8. Which 2 Public Sector banks are investors in the Life Insurance co. Star Union Daichi ?

Ans. Bank of India and Union Bank of India
Q9. Who has been appointed as the new CFO of Infosys from March 2019 ?
Ans. Nilanjan Roy

Q 10. Which company merged with KPIT and now will be demerged into two separate companies from January 2019 ?

Ans. BirlaSoft
Q 11. What service is provided by the startup VOGO in which Ola has invested ?
Ans. Scooters sharing/ rentals

Q 12. Why is India’s drug regulator conducting raids on Johnson and Johnson and seizing talcum powder ?

Ans. Presence of asbestos

Q 13. What is the new name for the merged entity formed by the merger of IDFC Bank and Capital First ?

Ans. IDFC First Bank


Q 14. Name this fund manager and philanthropist . He is called the Father of Hedge Funds and as a philanthropist he advocates liberal democracy and open society. He has been named the FInancial Times person of 2018.

Ans. George Soros

Q 15. Goodyear has withdrawn out of Venezuela due to the economic crisis there . What severance benefits it is offering its workers ?

Ans. 10 tyres each

Q 16. When Elon Musk wanted to name his company Tesla , he found it was already taken. He later bought it for 75000 $. What was the alternate name thought for Tesla ?

Ans. Faraday

Q 17. Identify this logo.


Ans. Python – the programming language

Q 18. What is the business of Cronos a Canadian company where Altria Group, the maker of Marlboro has invested ?

Ans. Marijuana

Q 19. John Rockefeller had a Family Office in 1882. It has become popular in the last decade or so. What is a ‘family office’ ?

Ans. Family offices manage families’ wealth, administer assets and often other services, from paying bills to succession-planning

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