Jargon buster

ISRO launched a spy sattellite RISAT-1 successfully ? Expand RISAT

 Ans. Radar Imaging Satellite
In the context of telecom spectrum regulations, what is “refarming” ?
Ans. Reassigning govt.reg. spectrum for services with higher value.

 ASCI and TAM have launched NAMS . What is NAMS ?

Ans. National Audience Measurement System for measuring reach of ads


Airtel has launched 4G first in Kolkata. This is using TD LTE technology. Expand TD LTE.

Ans. Time Division Long Term Evolution


What are the other names of multi level marketing and why GOI considers it a fraud ?

Ans. Network marketing or Pyramid marketing…It is considered an economic offence because it is robbing Peter to pay Paul

What is the new GAAR proposed in the budget making FIIs doing GRRR ?

Ans. General anti avoidance rules

After Samsung Galaxy Note’s surprising success what is the category being called now ?

 Ans. Phablet (phone + tablet)

We know the BRICs. Which countries make up the MIST?

Ans. Mexico, Indonesia, South Korea and Turkey

 In stock exchange trading what is ALGO ?

Ans. Algorithmic trading

Among cola drinkers who are ‘dualists’ and ‘resistants” ?

 Ans. Dualists drink both regular and diet at diff times. Resistants drink neither

What is an  MOOC in the sphere of online education ?

Ans. Massively Open Online Courses
How did the terms bull and bear come in stock market lingo ?
Ans,,Bull attacks up and bear with its paw down
Yesterday was SUPERBOWL the ultimate TV event. How did it get its name?
Ans. Lamar Hunt the organiser saw his girl play with Super Ball.
The govt of india has launched a new index called CRIS. What is CRIS ?
Ans. Comparative index for sovereigns
You know wifi. Now a new tech has come to transmit data called Li-Fi. What is LiFi ?

Ans. Light fidelity, a new technology where variations in light is used to transmit data. Casio has developed products using this.

What is the contribution of John Brager’s Robot wisdom to social media ?

Ans. The word blog

Today large parts of the net have a black out protesting against SOPA and PIPA. Expand them.

Ans. Stop Online Piracy Act and Protect IP Act

Which company invented the term ‘ civil servant’ ?

Ans.East india company

As per UN what is the replacement rate of fertility ?

Ans. 2.1 percent per annum

In Hindustani music muslims are called ustads Hindus are called Pandits. What are PARSIS called ?

Ans. Pandits

The govt has made hallmarking of gold jewellery a must in india. What is hallmarking ?

Ans.  Certificate from BIS about purity
What is RHEOLOGY a study of ?
Ans. Flow of materials
Expand HDMI ?
Ans.High Definition Multi-media interface
Richard Branson has described his unrelated businesses as based on a growth philosophy of ABCD. What is ABCD ?
Ans.Always Be Connected Dots
 Connect Equis, AMBA, AASCB …

Ans. All are B-School certifications  for Europe, UK and US respectively

Theodore Forstmann who died recently coined the phrase ” Barbarians at the gate”. Who did he refer to as barbarians ?

Ans. The guys who do Leveraged Buyouts (LBOs)

– Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter handle go_mohan


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