Indian Brands-III

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In this page you will find questions from April 2013 to  March 2014 related to Indian brands that appeared in the Weekly Business Quizzes.

Samsung had been doing a high decibel campaign OWN NOW. Which indian brand has started a campaign using the  slogan CAN OWN NOW ?

Ans. MicroMax

Which airline calls itself India’s most democratic airline, because it has only one class of passengers ?

Ans. IndiGo

Sachin has a brand of sports fitness products in partnership with Future Group and Manipal group. What is the brand name ?

Ans. S Drive

With which brand has Sachin had the longest association since 1990 ?

Ans. Boost

Which brand is positioned as a mosquito repellant for children ?

Ans. Jungle Magic’s Banditz

Which is India’s largest selling dark rum brand and It’s not Old Monk ?

Ans. McDowell’s No 1 Celebration rum

Which group has a grocery retail chain called ‘Nature’s Basket’ ?

Ans. Godrej

Which was the first magazine in India to institute a car of the year award way back in 1996 when Indian market had so few models ?

Ans. Business Standard Motoring

What is the product behind the brand Zoiro, which has a tag line ‘One Life’ ?

Ans. Men’s underwear

Connect Big B, Nestlé & Hungroo to a brand…

Ans. Maggi Hungroo noodles

Which soap brand was concocted by William Lever in 1894 and sold it as a means to combat cholera ? No longer sold in UK but sold in India

Ans. Lifebuoy

Which entrepreneur connects Fairever cream, Garden snacks, Maa fruit juices and Veg Nation chain of restaurants ?

Ans. C.K.Ranganathan of Cavin Kare

Which cartoon character connects McDonalds, Holicks, Reynolds and Max SuperMarkets ?

Ans. Chhota Bheem

Under what brand name is Titan launching fragrances in the Indian market ?

Ans. Skin

Connect the following brands – Domino’s, Max Life Insurance, Tata Nano, Airtel and Maggi…

Ans. Khushi/ Khushiyan is a term in all their advertising taglines

What startup came out of its founder Phanindra Sama unable to get bus ticket from Bangalore during Diwali ?


Name this Indian frozen yoghurt brand started by GS Bhalla , having 25 outlets Indiawide and is a big hit on Facebook.

Ans. CocoBerry

Name this South based sweets chain known for its MYSURPA- a softer version of the traditional sweet Mysore Pak, that melts in the mouth.

Ans. Sri Krishna Sweets

Under what brandname has Sadanand Maiya the man who built MTR launched processed foods once again after selling MTR earlier to Orkla Foods of Norway ?

Ans. Maiya’s

Which retail chain owns the mult-brand multi-product multi-location service chain ResQ ?

Ans. Reliance

Who sent out 5000 telegrams with the msg ” The telegram retires today, with no plan for the future. Do you have a plan for your future ” ?

Ans. Birla Sun Life

With which anti-virus software would you associate Sachin Tendulkar ?

Ans. Kaspersky

Which brand has created a micro site an edutainment site, even roping in Ruskin Bond to blog ?

Ans. Parle-G

References to which brand have been removed in the TV and DVD version of which brand has been removed from Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani ?
Ans. Rooh-Afza

Name this niche coffee exported from India sold in upmarket stores like Harrods and compared with Darjeeling tea.

Ans. Monsooned Malabar

What Indian brandname will become part of the UK’s Keyline Brands, owners of Cuticura and other brands ?

Ans. Godrej

With which brand would you associate Hausla Buland Academy ?

Ans. Haywards 5000

What will be the first fashion label to be launched by Yash Raj Films with Karol Bagh Saree House ?

Ans. Diva”Ni

Which leading Indian antivirus vendor was started by the Katkar brothers as a calculator repair shop in 1993 ?

Ans. QuickHeal

What is the name of the Superbike team owned by MS Dhoni, Nagarjuna and Dhoni’s friend Arun Pandey ?

Ans. Mahi Racing

NourishCo is a JV between an Indian and a global FMCG majors to market vitamin fortified water among other pdts. Which two companies ?

Ans. Tata Global Beverages and PepsiCo

Which is India’s and perhaps world’s largest permission marketing firm which uses ‘missed call’ to get potential customers ?

Ans. ZipDial

Who is behind JH Bevels chain of luxury salons ? Clue expand JH

Ans. Javed Habib

Which co markets premium milk delivered to the likes of Mukesh Ambani under Pride of Cows name ?

Ans. Parag

How is the Pashmina shawl known in the west ?

Ans. Cashmere

Which South Indian celebrity endorses Lux, Parachute oil and now Center Fresh ?

Ans. Dhanush

Which Birla co produces Birla Tyres, Birla Shakti Cement and Vasavadatta cement ?

Ans. Kesoram Industries

‘ Grand brand ____’ by Balasubramanian and Ramakrishnan is a book about what or whom ? Fill in the blank.

Ans. Rajini ( Rajinikant)

Margo and Neem were age old brands of Calcutta Chemicals..Now who owns these brands ?

Ans. Jyothi Laboratories

In which business are the startups Industree Crafts, Rangsutra, Earthy Goods, Crafts villa

Ans. Marketing of traditional handicrafts and handlooms

What is the name of the Tamil newspaper launched by The Hindu recently ?

Ans. The Hindu ( written in Tamil)

What brand of food and bakery products are owned by the North Indian firm Mrs Bector’s ?

Ans. Cremica

What unique pre-paid service has been started under the name Baron Eagle in India ?

Ans. Prepaid service for hiring planes and helicopters for HNIs and Corporates

Which brand of Britannia was rejected to be registered as a trademark because it was too close to the generic name ?

Ans. Snax

Which company is the largest exporter of buffalo meat from India for the last 20 years ?

Ans. Allanasons

After 25 years Titan has a new logo and has also renamed the company. What is its new name ?

Ans. Titan Company Limited

Which jewellery brand has broken new ground by portraying the main model is going for a remarriage? 

Ans. Tanishq

Under what name would Reliance in partnership with 2 sisters Food Group , UK launch fast food restaurant chain in India ?

Ans. Chicken came First

Naach re mayu ra, a non film song sung by Manna Dey marked the launch of a landmark service on Akashvani. Name the programme.

Ans. Vividh Bharati

Which group with business interests in textiles, chemicals, finance, etc was a prominent business house and occupied 3rd position from 1965 to 1979 behind Tatas and Birlas. Today it is a completely spent force. Name this business house.
Ans. Mafatlals
What was the flagship company of Tatas during the time of Jamsetji Tata ? He started it after returning from England in 1874. It was inaugurated on 1st January 1877, the day Queen Victoria was coronated Queen of India. So he called its main mill- Empress Mills
Ans. Central India Spinning Weaving and Mfg Co

Which brand has replaced Thums Up as the largest selling soft drink in India ?

Ans. Sprite

Which celebrity couple are endorsing Prestige kitchen appliances ?

Ans. Abhishek and Aishwarya Bachchan

Which Ahmedabad based co has regd the MODI Kurta brand – mandarin collar shirts with an Indian twist ?

Ans. Jade Blue

Which Indian co will be the title sponsor for the New York City Marathon this year ?

Ans. TCS

Fabindia is test marketing a cola based on an unusual ingredient in some Indian cities. What is the ingredient ?

Ans. Tulsi

Which brand of microwaves used Mallika e kitchen TV show to promote microwaves in India ?

Ans. LG

Which Indian organisation has developed this distress alarm called NIRBHAYA ?

Ans. BARC developed it and ECIL will manufacture it.

Which Indian brand is the world’s fastest growing whisky (scotch) brand ?

Ans. Black Dog

Which female lifestyle brand has been sold by Future Group for Rs 450 crore ?

Ans. Biba

If BAJATE RAHO is the tag line of RED FM, BACHATE RAHO is the tagline for which brand ?

Ans. Snap Deal

How did the Hyundai brand Santro get its name ?

Ans. Short of St Tropez , a resort in France where the brainstorming for India launch was held.

Bank Aisa, Dost Jaisa is the tagline for which Bank ?

Ans. IDBI Bank

The company began its journey in 1790 when two companies Breen & co and Butterfly & co merged. This large engineering company went through bad times and was nationalised in the 1970s and put under BBUNL. it was privatised in 2003 and sold to Ruias for Rs 18 crore. It now has sought permission to close down. Name this historic co.

Ans. Jessop and Co.

Which Hyderabad based vaccine mafr is the world’s lowest cost producer of Pentavalent a very useful vaccine ?

Ans. Biological E Ltd

The IndiGo airhostesses all have a similar hairstyle. How and Why ?

Ans. Wigs, to save on time

It was founded in 1973 by Jayantrao Salgaonkar, an astrologer from the Konkan belt of Maharashtra. It initially started as a hand-printed almanac for Marathi subscribers. The first issue was sold to 10,000 subscribers. It gradually grew to become the largest selling publication in the world, with around 19 million copies being sold annually. Name this publication. Have a lucky 2014.

Ans. KalNirnay

What unique variant of Snickers was launched by Mars International in India first ?

Ans. 100 % vegetarian

Identify this company. In 1937, on a suggestion from Gandhi, Jamnalal Bajaj and Jeewanlal Motichand of Calcutta, acquired a faltering steel rolling mill in Lahore and expanded its facilities. The plant was lost when the subcontinent was partitioned, but the company was successfully reorganised in Bombay after independence

Ans. Mukand Ltd

Which Indian CM used to run a boutique called Psychedelhi at Oberoi Hotel, New Delhi in the 1960s ?
Ans.Naveen Patnaik

Against which sports celebrity is there a summons from Economic offences wing for being involved in the Qnet multilevel marketing scam .

Ans. Michael Ferreira

If Kolkata has its KC Das Rossogollas, Hyderabad has Karachi Bakery biscuits, Coimbatore has its Krishna Sweets Mysurpa, Pune has its ___________ Chiwda . Fill in the blank with a brand name

Ans. Laxminarayan

Srikantadatta Wodeyar, the last Maharaja of Mysore was a designer too. Under what brand name were his sarees sold ?

Ans. Royal Silk of Mysore

What was the brand of pesticide being manufactured by Union carbide at Bhopal 29 years ago which released the chemical MIC causing disaster  ?

Ans. Sevin

Which is India’s largest accredited stem cell banking company ?

Ans. Lifecell

In early ’90s which company had launched a potato chips brand called Binnie’s with the tagline ‘Humko Binnie’s Mangta’ ? The launch was very successful but the company could not keep up with the competition.

Ans. Jagatjit Industries Ltd.

It was started by a journalist, social reformer, freedom fighter K.Nageswara Pantutu in 1893 in Mumbai. Even today Bombay is inscribed on its lid. This pain balm was popularised by distributing it free-of-cost in music concerts. Apart from shifting its HQ to Chennai nothing much has changed with the company. The company entered call centre and fruit drinks business, but it is still known for its pain balm. Name the company/brand.

Ans. Amrutanjan

As winter sets in, more and more people particularly in eastern parts of India would be looking for the familiar green tube of Boroline antiseptic cream. This cream is manufactured by a GD Pharmaceuticals Ltd , a company almost known for Boroline only. What does GD stand for ?

Ans. Gourmohan Dutta

Which chemical co had introduced this brand Captain Cook in the ’90s ? This brand using free flowing salt as a USP gave a good fight to Tata salt. The brand was later acquired by HUL.

Ans. DCW Ltd

Name this Indian brand of drinks from Hector Beverages available in four flavours Aamras, Jaljeera, Jamun Kala Khatta and Kokum.

Ans. Paper Boat

Staklisks is being called a Foreign Made Indian Liquor. Why ?

The composition of Honey based alcoholic drink, Madhu Madya,  is mentioned in Rig Veda…this brand Stakliskes happens to be from Lithuania and the parent company holds the patent for Honey based drinks..they are launching at India Intl trade fair in Delhi this coming Decembe

Which Indian retail co has the tagline ‘Price”Less” Fashion’ ?

Ans. V-Mart

What unique innovation has been made by Indian co. Ventit that is being widely talked about ?

Ans. Pizza Box

When veg prices hit the roof, which brand ran a campaign saying ” Ab chicken sabzi se bhi sasta” ?

Ans. Godrej Real Good Chicken

Which brand has launched a 3 min video on YOuTube which ends with ‘ Har Ghar, ____ Ghar ‘ .? Fill in the blank.

Ans. Amul

Times Group has launched a Gujarati daily from Ahmedabad. What is its name ?

Ans. Nav Gujarat Samay

CEAT India Ltd was set up in 1958 as a JV between CEAT of Italy and an Indian group. It was later sold to RPG group. Name the Indian group.
Ans. Tata Group

Binaca Geet Mala ,a popular radio programme of Hindi film songs hosted by Ameen Sayani was for a long time sponsored by Hindustan Ciba Geigy Limited. It moved from Radio Ceylon to Vividh Bharati later. When this programme was taken off air, brand had been sold. Who was the final sponsor of this legendary radio show and what was its final name ?

Ans. Colgate Cibaca Geet Mala, Colgate Palmolive India Ltd

What is the name of the first gun for women developed by Ordnance Factory, Kanpur ? It is a 0.32 bore light weight revolver, weighing 500gm.

ans, Nirbheek

Which FMCG brand owns the web site www happygooddaytoyou dot com ?

Ans. Britannia Good Day

One of the popular biscuits from Hyderabad is the Osmania biscuits. This sweet and salt biscuit is sold in most Irani tea shops of Hyderabad. How did it get its name ?

Ans.  Its creation is credited to dietitians of the Osmania General Hospital who came up with this high energy solution to supplement the diet of patients. The unique taste of the Osmania appealed to the Hyderabadi palate and within no time attendants and visitors were caught gobbling it down with relish much to the chagrin of the patients and doctors. Little wonder that soon biscuits pilfered from the hospital pantry were being sold at cafes in the vicinity of Osmania General and with increasing popularity city bakers geared up to meet the demand. Ever since, successfully dunking an Osmania Biscuit in a cup of Irani chai has been the ultimate test of provenance for all who claim to be Hyderabadis.

Identify the brand with the tagline “Handcrafted in Chennai”.

Ans. Royal Enfield

With whom has Pepsi tied up to launch a youth TV channel in India ?

Ans. MTV

Which company is behind India’s first Ayurveda journal ‘ Ayurveda Samvad’ ?

Ans. Dabur India Ltd

What word has been banned in the names of private companies by Ministry of Corporate Affairs, GOI after the recent NSEL scam ?
Ans. National

Which Indian company is running a TV /Youtube campaign with the tagline “Husbands are useless” ?

Ans. Asian Paints

What is so special about the Firebrick Red M800, chassis no 2890893, that rolled off the assembly line at Maruti’s Gurgaon plant on the 23rd of January 2014, and headed all the way across to Rani Motors – a dealership in Shillong, Meghalaya.?

Ans. Last Maruti 800

In 1976, during lunch time at Delhi Cloth Mills, DCM, a group of six young engineers in the office canteen were discussing their work woes at DCM’s calculator division. Despite  all  having jobs that paid them well, they were an unhappy lot — they wanted to do more, riding on their own gumption. They decided to quit their jobs and start a venture of their own.What company or group resulted from this .?

 Ans. HCL Group

Which Indian company owns the brandname Taral Gas ?

Ans. Petronet LNG

Connect Littlewoods, Woolworths and now TESCO to an Indian group

Ans. Tata’s retail partners

Which cricketer has been roped in by Ramaraj shirts to promote their white shirts in the North Indian market ?

Ans. R Ashwin

Who is the sponsor for the NDTV Prime TV channel ?

Ans. Micromax

For which brand of apparel and other merchandise does Mandhana Industries have an exclusive franchise ? 

Ans. Being Human

Which popular Indian ecommerce site is run by Jasper Infotech private ltd ?

Ans. Snapdeal

Arvind has tied up with Japan’s Goodhill. What will they manufacture and market in India ?

Ans. Formal suits


– Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter @go_mohan

– The above quiz is published under Creative Commons License. Please acknowledge the source if being used elsewhere.


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