Indian Brands

This page will feature select questions from the Weekly Businesses Quizzes with focus on Indian brands.

Who will be the celebrity endorsing the bike Suzuki Hayate ?

Ans.  Salman Khan

What new model of MUV has been launched by Maruti to compete with the likes of Innova and Xylo ?

Jet has decided to merge Jet Konnect and JetLite. Which brand will be retained ?

Ans. Jet Konnect

Why has Nestle India been hauled up for violating advt norms ?

Ans. The tins of Lactogen do not have warning reg Mother’s milk in Hindi and font size was small

Name the celebrity who endorses Fast track, Flying Machine jeans, Herbalife, Fair and Lovely for men, Sangam suitings etc.

Ans. Virat Kohli

Who has launched a special Tendulkar edition of a drink to honour Tendulkar 100th century ?

Ans. Coca Cola
Q8. As Rahul Dravid retires an old quiz question. Why is he nicknamed Jammy ?

Ans His father worked for Kissan Jams. He later endorsed it also.
Name this women’s cooperative that has 650 cr sales and exports of 29 cr.

Ans. Lijjat
 Cafe Coffee Day has launched Coffee day WakeCup recently. What is it?

Ans.  A coffee making machine to make one cup at a time.

Which two brands from Pepsico are being promoted under a single slogan ” I feel UP” ?

Ans. 7Up and Nimbooz

Which brand of whisky known for ‘making it large’ has signed on SRK as its brand ambasador ?

Ans. Royal Stag

For tv commercial of which brand has Dhanush sung and written a jingle for Sachin Tendulkar ?

Ans. Boost

Which insurance co appears to be opportunistic and show Yuvraj Singh talking about his health often in the TVC ?

Ans. Birla Sun Life

The men’s hair cream brand Brylcreem changed hands in India recently. Who is the new owner of this brand ?

Ans.  HUL from Godrej Sara Lee

How do we better know UBISLATE 7+ from Datawind ?

Ans.  The AAKASH tablet

About what has Ratan Tata said that it is not a flop but it was a lost opportunity ?

Ans. Tata Nano
– Curated by G.Mohan


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