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Weekly Business Quiz # 463


Q 1. Which bank has replaced its Chairman and Managing Director after initiating investigations to charges like giving loans to people recommended by politicians and placing his relatives in plum positions ?

Ans. Jammu and Kashmir Bank

Q 2. What products are being marketed by an Indian company on Amazon that goes by the name ” Bhains ki Aankh” ?


Ans. Footwear, T-shirts

Q3,  After the MPC meeting today, RBI governor announced changes in the NEFT/RTGS charges for transfer of money by banks . What is the change ?

Ans. They have been made free of any charge

Q4. Who will be taking over from Azim Premji as the Executive Chairman of Wipro from July 2019 ?

Ans. Rishad Premji, his son

Q5. What unique contribution has Pranayraj Vangari from Hyderabad made , that has made Wikipedia recognise him ?


Ans. He has written a Wikipedia page everyday for 1000 days without a break

Q7. Which fashion retail chain has acquired Jaypore to expand its ethnic wear range ?


Ans. Aditya Birla Fashion retail

Q8. The govt has decided to promote the use of these in govt property like govt residential quarters . What are these called ?

solar trees

Ans. Solar trees

Q9. Why has RBI put a penalty of Rs 2 crore on Uday Kotak of Kotak Mahindra Bank ?

Ans. For not complying with the promoter quota reduction rule

Q 10. What passenger services are being piloted by Indian Railways in 39 trains originating from Indore station so as to increase their non-fare revenues ?

Ans. Head and Foot massage services

Q 11. Name this NRI serial entrepreneur associated with Sterling Computers, Barista Coffee, Dishnet DSL, Aircel and many ventures abroad. Now in the news for defrauding IL &FS by bribing the top officials

Ans. C Sivasankaran

Q 12. Which Indian cricketer in the news has made investments as an angel investor in JetSetGo (travel), Vyomo (a home beauty service), SportyBeans (a children-focused sports program), Cartisan (an automotive services marketplace), and Healthians (an online healthcare marketplace) ?

Ans. Yuvraj Singh

Q 13. Mondelez have brought out a variant of their chocolate that has 30 % less sugar. Name the brand

Ans. Cadbury’s Dairy Milk

q 14. As per a recent paper by former Chief Economic Advisor to Govt , Dr Arvind Subramanian to what extent was the GDP of India overestimated between 2011 and 2016 ?

Ans. The GDP was overestimated by 2.5 %

Q 15. What is the casually used word for ‘faux budget’, a budget made from imaginary figures that have limited link to reality ? It has been used by Y V Reddy, former RBI Guv recently

Ans. Fudget

Q 16. Who tweeted this and what is the occasion ?


Ans. IndiGo Airlines on the occasion of Yuvraj Singh’s retirement.. He is remembered for his 6 sixes

Q 17. Which publication that was started by Network 18 on January 26 this year as a weekly has suspended publication recently ?

Ans. First Post



Q 17 . Bill Gates and Warren Buffett spent a shift working together in a fast food joint. Where did they work ?


Ans. Dairy Queen

Q 18. Apple has announced that it will withdraw iTunes. How will iTunes be offered to its subscribers ?

Ans. iTunes will be replaced in macOS Catalina by separate applications for Music, Podcasts, and TV

  • Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter @go_mohan

Weekly Business Quiz # 462


Q 1. With which Indian business group did JCB have a joint venture in India , after which they acquired their stake in early 2000s ?

Ans. Escorts

Q 2. Genesis is the premium brand from which auto major ? It will be launched in India soon

Ans. Hyundai

Q 3. The reluctant billionaire by Soma Das is the biography of which Indian industrialist ?

Ans. Dilip Shanghvi of Sun Pharmaceuticals

Q 4. What message is being promoted by Lux by creating a soap with lump ?

Ans. Breast cancer awareness

Q 5. In which Big 4 audit firm did our newly appointed Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman  serve briefly at their London office ?

Ans. Price Waterhouse Coopers

Q 6. What is the name given to the Ministry formed by the Merger of Ministries of Water Resources, River Development, Ganga Rejuvenation, Drinking Water & Sanitation ?

Ans. Jal Shakti Ministry

Q7. Identify this Business Maharaja who was also known as the Evergreens Tea man of India. He passed away recently. RIP



Ans. Brij Mohan Khaitan of Williamson Magor Group ( McLeod Russel , Eveready Industries and others )

Q8. Recently an IRCTC use complained on Twitter that he was embarrassed that the site was throwing up obscene ads as he was going through the booking. What kind of digital advertising caused this problem ?

Ans. Programmatic advertisig of Gooogle Adx which inserts ads based on cookies in the user computer

Q9. Identify the advertiser/brand


Ans. Walkaroo footwear

Q 10. Which packaged tea brand has been extended for pickles and chutneys with the name “Spice Secrets” ?

Ans. Society tea

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