Prof G.Mohan. G.Mohan is an avid reader of  economic newspapers, business magazines and digital publications . Mohan was  a full-time faculty member at a Management Institute in Hyderabad,India for over a decade. He is currently associated with another Business School as an Adjunct Faculty where he teaches Business Strategy. He had worked for over a decade in one of India’s leading consulting organisations. Using Internet and social media to spread knowledge and bridge the gap between business-schools and industry is his passion.

Hindi movies and old Hindi film songs are his other abiding interests. He also writes regularly on business, personal finance, films and music in his personal blog http://secondtake.wordpress.com 

His Twitter handle is Indiabusinessquiz@go_mohan where he posts business questions daily. His LinkedIn profile http://in.linkedin.com/in/profgmohan  He can be contacted at contact@indiabusinessquiz.com . He is open to receive requests for conducting business quizzes online or offline, particularly from business schools.

The quiz is published under creative commons license. If questions are taken in parts or in full, acknowledgement of the source will be highly appreciated.


  1. Great job, Mohan! This makeover of your site scores high on look and feel. The contents as always is top class. A terrific service to so many of us! May the site continue to scale newer heights!


  2. Sir , Thank you for u r wonderful opportunity and very good initiative…….. Keep going on we will support u forever.


  3. Thank you so much Sir for this work. This is a very noble initiative and a great solution for people looking at trivia updates on a weekly basis. I now look forward to Tuesdays so much!


  4. State Bank of India and Manfest 2014 present SBI BizQuiz.
    Open to all undergraduates, postgraduates and corporates, this the place to be for all the quizzers out there. Come fight it out for the prize money of INR 60,000 and the coveted title of SBI BizQuiz Champions.
    Hurry! Register at http://www.iimlmanfest.com by 3rd Jan 2014.


  5. i would like to thank you sir most of the part u covered but i want to suggest u that u have to increase the no of question in the quiz. thankx a lot


  6. Except for your first point, I would beg to disagree with you. There are a lot of sites with lot of “clutter” comprising thousands of quiz/general knowledge questions for exam aspirants. Prof Mohan has kept this clean and easy to read, which need not necessarily cater to people preparing for examinations but is a good read for people truly interested in business quizzing. Also, a section on politics would “conflict” with the real purpose of the domain – India Business Quiz.


  7. I would like to thank you for this noble work. Your blog playing a pivotal role among the aspirants who wish to get into Civil Services, Management Entrances, Clerical Examinations.

    Few point I’d like to highlight, which need to be amended:
    1. Introduce separate ‘tabs’ for different topics.
    eg. Business affairs can be classified under two sub tabs- Indian and Global.
    2. A section for Politics should be introduced, both- Indian and Global.
    3. Questions on Silicon Valley start-ups should be laid more focus on.
    4. Questions containing images should be emphasized.

    I would highly recommend this blog to those who’re looking for nourishing their IQ.
    Warm Regards,
    Vishal Agrawal
    Founder- The Brainy Brat
    Email: askvishal@hotmail.com


      • Mr Mohan
        This is advocate ram sharma from Hyderabad.
        I am the executive director a NGO LEADS INDIA .We are workign for the creation of legal awareness among the general public.We wnated to conduct legal quiz to the corporate circle .
        In this regard,I wanted to talk to you personally if you give a chance .
        Please kindly call me whenever you are free.
        with regards

        Advocate Ram Sharma
        Executive Director
        Leads India.


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