Weekly Business Quiz # 95

Q1. Which family owned company owns the scotch brand Glenfiddich ?

 William Grant and Sons

Q2. For his 16th birthday, Michael dell’s parents presented him an Apple -II computer. Why were they annoyed ?

On reaching home, he took the computer apart to understand its parts

Q3. JJ Irani has quit as Chairman of a co saying ” I value my name more than anything else.” Name the co.

Everonn education

Q4. Which car co is launching a car model called EON soon ?


Q5. Which RNBC has decided to repay all its 73000 cr depsoits by Dec 2011 ahead by 4 years ?


Q6. In TV programming jargon what is “tent pole property” ?

A programme that brings in viewers for other programmes also. eg KBC for Sony TV

Q7. Which group is launching a new music channel called MIX on the Ganesh Chaturthi day today ?

 Sony or Multi-screen media

Q8. In which sport is isuper league being planned in India on the lines of IPL ?

Car racing

Q9. What is the Indian word for the scandinavian word “Ombudsman” and who coined it in 1963 ?

 Lokpal, L.M.Singhvi, father of Abhishek Singhvi

Q10. “Keep looking beautiful” is the tagline for which popular treatment ?


– Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter @go_mohan

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