Weekly Business Quiz #93

Q1. Name the chain of bookstores started in 1877 by T.K.Banerjee and a Frenchman Emile Moreau with their first store in Allahabad.

 Ans. A.H.wheeler

Q2. Who has composed the music for the Hero motocorp heroes song ?

 A R Rahman

Q3. As per the registrar of newspapers in India, how many magazines are published in India ?

Ans.  73000

Q4, For providing credit insurance to which aiirline has the New India Assurance Chairman Ramadoss suspended ?

 Ans. Paramount

Q5. Who will be the largest beneficiary bcoz of the Google’s acquisition of Motorola Mobility ? ( largest shareholder of Motorola)

Ans. Carl Icahn

Q6. In which asian stock exchange will the UK club Man United do a billion $ IPO ?

 Ans. Singapore

-Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter @go_mohan


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