Weekly Business Quiz # 85

Q1. What does the Audi tag line Vorsprung durch Technik mean ?

Ans. Progress through Technology

 Q2. In june 91 when industrial delicensing was announced who was the union minister of industries ?

Ans. PV Narasimha Rao the PM had this portfolio

Q3. Why is the exclusive range of furniture by the chairman of Sobha developers called PNC ?

Ans.  PNC Menon’s initials

Q4. Name the indian who has been nominated as the COO of UNILEVER

Ans. Harish Munwani

Q5. Which co do the Indian American couple Reddy and Padma Allen in the news for NY city payroll scam belong to ?

Ans. Technodyne

Q6. Who gave the famous phrase ‘the consumer is not a moron she is your wife’ ?

Ans. David O’gilvy

Q7. In what business is the Finnish co LINDSTROM in ? It has set up shop in Hyd recently.

Ans.  Textile services like uniforms

Q8. Name the distinguished indian economist well known for his work on defining poverty who died recently.

Ans. Dr Suresh Tendulkar

Q9. What is the official name of the IIT coaching centre SUPER 30 in Patna ?

Ans.  Sri Ramanujan school of mathematics

Q10. Which international airline has the largest fleet of aircrafts ?

Ans. Lufthansa with 710 planes

Q11. Why did Ray Tomlinson the man who sent the first electronic message using ARPANET use @ symbol ?

Ans. To separate name and computer

Q12. How did the phrase DRINKING KOOL AID originate and what does it mean ?

Ans. It means that blindly following what the leader says even if it is mass suicide. It originated with the genocide in Jonestown when cyanide was mixed with Kool Aid, a brand of drink belonging to Kraft foods.

– Compiled by G Mohan @go_mohan

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