Weekly Business Quiz # 83

Q1. As per RBI a bank needs to have 9 rs of equity for every 100 Rs of loan. What is this norm called ?

Ans.  Capital adequacy ratio

Q2. Which unit of Maruti is having union trouble for the last few days ?

Ans. Manesar

Q3. Which 60 year old bank with HQ in Kolhapur is India’s smallest bank ?

Ans. Ratnakar Bank

Q4. In an auction Raju Vesgna acquired the ICC World Cup winning ball for Rs 64 lakhs. Which company he heads ?

Ans. Sify

Q5. Which food brand is named after Grand Duchess Maria Alexandprovna wife of the Duke of Edinburgh ?

Ans. Marie biscuits

Q6. Which tea brand comes from the names of sons of Merill J Fernando ?

Ans.  Dilmah based on Dilhara and Malik

Q7. Julius a Swiss Miller who founded a company in the 1880s making food items because milling was not doing well. His surname is a big brand today. What was his surname?

Ans. Maggi

– Compiled by G.Mohan @go_mohan


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